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Ex-Pal Pose Off: Xabi Alonso & Steven Gerrard vs David Beckham & Iker Casillas


Images: Twitter, Facebook.

Which pair of former starting XI teammates pulls off the “reunited and it looks so good” mood best: old Liverpool partners-on-field, Xabi Alonso & Steven Gerrard, or Becksillas (of Real-ly Hot Madrid fame)?

Now, on to more important issues. Like when did David Beckham’s forehead totally give up on fighting the early signs of premature aging? It’s making us uncomfortable. And a little curious.

Many thanks in advance to those who respond to our sizzle query request. We eagerly await your consult while we pout in the judgment corner.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Antonio Mirante in Parma’s pre-season training: keeping us going since 9am this morning. Image: Marco Luzzani/Getty Images Europe.

Good lordy, our bootays are dragging today.


David & Victoria Beckham: Marriage & Anger Management Mediators


Foul-mouthed chef, crying child handler and court side seat sitter, Gordan Ramsay, recently opened up about the trials and tribulations of his marriage, family and businesses, and surprisingly he credited he and wife Tana’s Los Angeles bezzies, David and Victoria, for helping them through the past few rough years.

Speaking to The Sun, Ramsay said:

“David and Victoria were just extraordinary in terms of help and support during this time…They were really great…there’s no doubt it was a personal blow for me, but you regroup and come back. Tana and I have never been so close.”

Now, Gordon and D-Becks have been matey for years, so the idea of these two hashing out their probs in a drinking den over the celebrity chef’s fine food is something we can buy into.


Viva Forever: Spice Girls Reunite (Again)


Victoria Beckham got back in touch with her musical roots to join her former bandmates at this morning’s launch of Viva Forever, a new musical based on the Spice Girls.

The ladies were at Pancras Renaissance Hotel in full on half smiles, and, most importantly, no one fell over. Good times were had yet again. Times without food, but still good times.

As ELLE UK reports, the show’s creators seem to be a mighty confident bunch:

Launch materials promised that Viva Forever will follow a girl named Viva who achieves fame after appearing on a reality show. And since show creators know what the people want, Spice-y classics are sure to pepper the dialogue.

Sounds pretty insane, we know, but crazier things have happened out there in WAG world. See: WAG! The Musical (which is now being made into a movie). See also: WAGs Boutique.

Beck Talk: Mustaches & Movies


Whilst Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz form some kind of open-mouthed, consonant-loving supergroup, we’d like to take a minute out of your day to talk about David Beckham’s mustache.