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Whilst you browse our short list of links today, please enjoy this pic of Peter Crouch and Abigail Clancy out at Zuma. She’s sloshed and wearing lycra leggings. Image via BIG Pictures UK/KEYSTONE Press

Jose Mourinho picked up an honourary doctorate from Lisbon University. Please call him Dr. Jose from now on. You know you want to.

This might be a tad disconcerting for Victoria Beckham: some of the local Italian wagabees are running a £20,000 bet to see who can seduce her husband first.

State-side Kickettes, if you want to see Inter Milan, Chelsea, Club America, or AC Milan in your neck of the woods this summer, break open that piggy bank and start warming up your camera clicking fingers. Tickets have just gone on sale.

Doesn’t everyone train in a fetching summer-weight mini dress? If not, they should. Pato, you go next.

Tuesday Torsos: David Beckham



Here’s Becks from the AC Milan/ Napoli nil-nil draw on Sunday.  We adore the tatt running down his ribs, but wish he’d stopped at about 55% of his current level of ink. Image via Getty

A few random bits of news to go with this post today:

- David Beckham has been called up for the England friendly this week.  Looks like all the back and forth with his MLS contract was worth it – for now, anyway.  England manager Fabio Capello has said that as long as David performs, he will play. 

“When I choose a player, age is not important,“ said Capello. “Fabio Cannavaro is 35 but he is still picked….Not age. I am just looking for the best players. The only important thing for me is how well Beckham plays. He is playing well, so if he is fit, he has a chance of being in my next squad… It hasn’t surprised me how well David is doing at Milan because I know him very well… Now with AC Milan he is played in a position which suits his technical characteristics.“

- If David gets on the pitch during the Slovakia game, he’ll score his 109th cap. Pretty impressive, no?  Equally impressive is David’s willingness to play without base layers. That’s a real team player right there, Kickettes. Bravo, Becks!

- Oh, before we forget, Tuesday Torsos has now officially returned for your regular viewing pleasure, largely due to the overwhelming number of complaints we’ve received from our very vocal readers. For example, just last night we received the following, “I have been reading for a while now and am disappointed to see that Tuesday Torsos have all but been forgotten. This website is turning into more a WAG central rather than showing hot ballers…!“  Last week: “What’s up with the lack of man candy? I don’t come here for the footy results, you know.“ And so on.

Victoria Beckham: Indigo Girl



Victoria continues to work her uniform colour scheme whilst at Claridges in London. Shoes are Louis Vuitton. Image via WENN

Good Week/Bad Week: Break-Ups and Baggage Fees



image via Getty


Strategic packing
- The number-one rule in packing for a trip is to pack lightly. Obviously heeding this advice, Mrs. Cole arrived to hike 19,340 ft of Mount Kilimanjaro in four-inch Jimmy Choos. It’s day 2 of the climb and already the celebrity climbers are falling over. Time to switch to flats! No, no. That would be morally wrong. Regardless, Cheryl does look fabu without makeup. Let’s hope the lack of oxygen near the top doesn’t affect her complexion.

Fashion comebacks
Giving a proverbial bitch-slap to Cheryl Cole, Jordan and carb-eaters everywhere, Victoria Beckham’s dresses have officially sold out on Net-A-Porter. Looks like she’s proven her clothes are universally liked by women of all ages. Or at least those with a spare $3,000 to drop on a dress.  Another big-hitter in VB’s corner? Madonna, who wore one of her latest creations to the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party.

Nocturnal birds of prey
Rio Ferdinand is ready to make an honest woman out of Rebecca Ellison, the mother of his two lovely boys. Guest list is certain to include England teammates/neighbours Wayne Rooney and Wes Brown, and we think the August ceremony is most stalk-worthy. Also invited: ring bearer Ollie the barn owl.

Victoria Beckham’s Feet: Feeling Great



images via Splash News

God bless the wonder of high heels and their superhuman comfort levels.

We’re quite certain that spending a day out at Universal Studios wearing killer Louboutins like these would feel just like skipping from fluffy marshmallow clouds to cotton-wrapped bunny cushions.

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