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What If: Alternate Plans for Ballers


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Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin have been holidaying in Vegas. Reported activities include: drinking, sleeping, pool drinking and sleeping, gambling and possibly cuddling, if these attached photos haven’t been doctored.

Within this busy schedule, Wayne found the time to drop in on the Ricky Hatton vs someone else boxing match on Saturday night. Looking at this photo, we started thinking how much better suited Wayne Rooney would be to another career. If you went by sheer looks alone, surely Mr. R would be laying some good bricks whilst swearing like a trooper and whistling at women walking past the scaffolding where he stood, eating a bag of cheese and onion crisps listening to Kiss FM. Or, he would be a boxer – and a mean one at that.


WAG Watch: A Spicy Return

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It’s happening, good people.  Take cover early and hide your platform shoes/girl power pointer fingers.

We’re all for retro fun, but this is not yet retro enough, no?  Give it a little more time – at least wait until someone in the band has spent all their money on hip replacement surgery and needs the cash.  Side note: The only Spice Girl we were keen on was Mel B and everyone seemed/seems to hate her.  Sure, she was always yelling and acting insane, but she was miles better than the blonde one. Side note #2: just how bad is this photo? Our eyes are bleeding.

Link: Posh And The Girls

In other news, there’s not a lot of love out there for Victoria Beckham.  She gets footballs kicked at her to keep fit, her former mates at high end denim co Rock & Republic are slagging off her fashion line as ‘cheap and nasty’ .  And she has a bunion that needs to be surgically removed.

The Becks Send Off: Get Divorced and Stay


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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes joined Victoria Beckham at the Real Madrid v Real Mallorca Spanish title match Sunday night.

imageReal Madrid won, 3-1 and David Beckham took his final bow wearing the flag of St. George across his back, with his children at his side. Oh, and he also collected his medal amid banners in the stands that read: “Get divorced and stay at Madrid!“

Victoria Beckham was sitting in the stands with Tom Cruise at the match rather than the VIP box.  But do not fear, this was not because she has decided to join the lowly ranks of the peasants, poor and those dressed in less than £2,000 worth of denim, it was so Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz could join their father on the pitch to help him celebrate at the end of the match.

And on that note, here’s a warning ladies, these photos of David with his children may cause you to become lightheaded and/or giddy. And or pregnant.

Link: Beckham Has Hollywood Ending
Link: Real Madrid 3, Real Mallorca 1

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WAG Watch: VB Does Baseball


Oh, the things one does in the name of publicity.

Although initial reports said that Victoria had nixed her reality TV program in the States, it appears she’s had a rethink, and is back on Western shores filming tired ass looking scenes for the show, now rumoured to be just a one hour special, rather than a series.

Gossip has it that David is p.i.s.s.e.d. that Victoria is still hitting the coast and riding out the PR train.  Does anyone else remember the good old days when she was content to be David’s wife, accepting her position in life as the former Spice Girl who existed solely through her hot husband’s achievements?  Oh, women of the world, when will you learn to stop seeking your own career and just live off your husband’s cash?  Silly, silly emancipation.

At the Dodgers stadium, Victoria was filmed by her crew prepping to throw out the first pitch for the Mets v Dodgers game. 

UPDATE: Speaking of publicity whoring, VB had lunch with gossip blogger Perez Hilton in LA at Cafe Marco.  What on earth do they have to discuss? Perhaps the fact that Perez says things about her like, “The dress is in keeping with her hooker chic look, but the hair is starting to bore us.“ and our personal favourite: “Perez may have no spine (and no shame), but you have no talent.“ Brilliant.  Check out the pap caught video at TMZ

Link: Posh’s Latest Bid

The Quote of The Day: Steve McClaren



“You can see it. You know it and I know it: he’s immense.“

Steve McClaren speaking about David Beckham’s performance in the England/Estonia European qualifier on Wednesday eve.

Let us add to this quote by saying, “Mr. McClaren, you know it and we know it: you’re shite. If you ever drop our boy Becks from any team ever again we’ll put a stiletto in your ignorant bad managing behind.“

Oh, and let us reiterate a few choice words, Kickettes: hot vindicated jungle booty.  And, “he’s immense.“ 

Victoria you lucky beeyatch.

Link: Beckham Brilliant For England