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The David Beckham Superbowl interview thing?

Yeah, so it sucked.

It wasn’t an interview, it was a commercial.  And did we mention that it sucked?

However, we have a new appreciation for players in the NFL and are considering branching out into American sports love.  Oh, who are we kidding, we can barely be bothered to update stuff on British players.  But back to the advert.

The suckiness was all around on this one: the random people, for a start.  LL Cool J and Martha Stewart in the same commercial? That’s just plain wrong.

And as for David’s big American introduction, don’t blink or you’ll miss it.  He does look fine though. But, whatevs.

Link: Chad Johnson’s Superbowl Party

beck talk: stupid pet tricks

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  We were too busy staring into space thinking about the large muscular horsepower of Sir David to consider the potential consequences of his actions in his photoshoot for Disney/Annie Lebowitz.

Like, let’s see: the horse rears, David falls off the horse, breaks his ass, and the LA Galaxy crumples up and folds into the sea.

Read more here, and see the video clip of David hanging on for dear life here.

Well, actually, it’s like 5 milliseconds of David hanging on, but it’s a dramatic 5 milliseconds, we swear.

A word of warning: watch it with the sound off.

Otherwise you’ll have to hear him say, “it’s very honouring… it was very honouring”, or something terribly terrible and you don’t want to lose your Beck-on, dear friends.

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beck talk: random news

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Stories are circulating that Victoria B has been snubbed by her good mate Liz Hurley. Apparently she’s been taken off the guest list for Liz’s upcoming nuptials to some random dude in March. Wasn’t Victoria supposed to be a bridesmaid for this thing? It could just be a case of a Bridezilla attack, but something is definitely amiss.

In fact, this is the second high profile friendship of the Beckhams that appears to be falling apart. Last year, Elton John (Godfather to Brooklyn and Romeo) blathered on about the Beckhams becoming freeloaders, and Elton’s partner, David Furnish has admitted they rarely speak anymore.

Link: Victoria Beckham Hurt By Liz Hurley
Link: Elton Snubs The Beckhams

Anyone still unsure about David Beckham’s ability to break into the American public’s psyche? Let’s see what happens after an interview he’s doing with CBS will be broadcast during the Superbowl on February 4. Audience numbers in North America for this miniscule, teeny tiny event on the American Football calendar will hit 80 million plus. That’s a whole ‘lotta drunk, sports lovin’, chip eatin’ men, women and children open to discovering the dolcet charms of the Becks.

Victoria has signed a

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WAG watch: Victoria Beckham’s brains

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image: denden

Never question the wisdom of the Posh One.

Let us count the ways she is wise:

She knows the secret to fitting into child sized clothing (hint: it involves never letting food pass your lips); she’s churned out three heirs to the Beckham throne all without having to break a sweat or suffer the indignity of natural childbirth; and now?

She’s publicly denounced Scientology.

Or so we’ve been told by our BFF, the ever reliable tabloids.

The Sun UK is reporting that Victoria has pshawed off concerns that she and David will become Scientologists. Their high profile buds, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been courting Victoria with literature on the “religion”.

Side note: remember a time when Tom Cruise was sort of cool and somewhat attractive? Now? How creepy are you, dude?

Rounding out the high profile friends trifecta, Marc Antony and Jennifer Lopez have become chums with Victoria and are also on the hit list for conversion.

So why has Victoria nixed the religion? Is it the concern over the Brand Beckham’s reputation if they convert? The limited film roles? The explaining to the children about all the alien stuff? Nope. It’s the cash.

A source close to the family said: “Victoria is having none of it. She can’t see the point of joining something like that where you have to donate money.“

Link: No Sects Please We’re British

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Victoria Beckham Screwed: In quotes

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image: rex features
Now that the diamond dust is settling on the big LA move, we’re sort of thinking Victoria is screwed. Aside from the pressure of converting to Scientology by Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, she’s got the following to contend with:

1. Playboy playmates would like to have a photo shoot with her. And hang with her husband.

One of Hef’s main girls, Bridget Marquardt said: “She should do a pictorial with us. We’ve got big plans for her. I think she’s going to fit in fine – they’re both gorgeous.“

And Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder said: “I think Hollywood is gonna love him [David]. The girls at the mansion have been talking about it and want to be sure that we put him on the party list.“

Er, Victoria? Take it from us. You do not want David kicking it at the Playboy mansion. Under any circumstances. Even if you were trapped at the photoshoot with wrinkly old Hef breathing down your neck, wrapped in a maribou-trimmed feather boa that was on fire, you still wouldn’t want David entering the building. Or even approaching the gate. Nuh-uh.


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