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Victoria and David Beckham are releasing a fragrance together, called Intimately.

Photos taken for the ad campaign are said to be racier than their shots for Italian Vogue back in 2004. Apparently, they love the pics so much they’re going to get copies of them for their home, Athena-style.

David’s aftershave, Instinct, became the highest-selling men’s fragrance of all time when it was released; Victoria’s demin line for Rock & Republic is a best-seller, and there’s a waiting list for her line of sunglasses at Harrods; obviously her book, “That Extra Half an Inch” will be a bestseller when released in October 2006; the Beckhams already have a multi-million dollar deal with Coty cosmetics.

Guess David won’t be shuffling off to the unemployment office just yet.

“That Extra Half an Inch”

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Beck Talk: player hating II


If there’s one thing we dislike here at Kickette.com, it’s player hating.

And the recent decision by new England coach, Steve McClaren, to leave David Beckham off the England squad is player hating to the fullest degree.

We’re so pissed we can’t even be bothered to edit this post correctly, so enjoy a rambling rant of epic proportions, folks.

Let’s get this straight: Steve Mclaren has access to the most successful player in English football history – a man worthy of your respect regardless of how he lives his personal life – a man who has made a name for himself worldwide, and become bigger than the game itself, an icon.

You have a consistent, loyal and extremely hardworking player who is experienced on an international level. And you have a player who, regardless of his fashion choices, contracts with sponsors and pin up fame is still hungry, and still dedicated.

But because you want to make a name for yourself as the anti-Sven Goran Erikkson, and want to usher in the “new era” of football, you leave David Beckham off your squad for this week’s game in Greece. Or, possibly because you’re a big meanie that feels like he’s got the biggest balls in the world because he axed “Golden Balls”.

It’s player hating folks, pure and simple.

Surely if you have a player who is getting older, but has years of experience and has just finished captaining his country, he would finish his international career slowly, gradually fading out, playing the odd game, coming in as a sub, perhaps?

David was 6 games short of reaching 100 caps, (and becoming only the 5th British player to do so). He was desperate to at least have that honour.

The British public have always been a fickle bunch when it comes to David Beckham – it’s a thin line between love and hate after all. Many are championing the decision. What would they be saying if David and the team had won the World Cup?

Oh, what do we care – David’s upset, we’re upset. And shoot, we don’t know enough about football to write with any authority anyway.

Where does this leave David now? We are heartbroken because he is heartbroken. Football is his life, his passion and all he knows how to do (aside from sending text messages like a pro). He is left with the humiliation of being made to suffer a punishment he did not earn.

And why? Because he’s fine. And rich. And did we mention he’s foine? And he is in need of comforting. And lord knows Kickette’s editors have the shoulders for him to cry on.  As soon as the restraining order is lifted, we will be offering them to him.

Also left off the squad: David James and Sol Campbell.

Link: David Weeps When Told He’s Off The Squad – The Sun

Link: Beckham Furious, Not Teary Over Decision – Daily Mail

Beck Talk: More Text Sex

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Uk model/contestant on Celebrity Love Island, Emma Ryan, has said that she had a 6 week affair with David – they played Strip Scrabble (?), sent saucy text messages and David confessing his lust for her on a regular basis.  She says they never slept together though.  What is the logical conclusion after a game of Strip Scrabble, then? The NY Times crossword and a cigarette?

“He wanted to see me naked and couldn’t wait to play a game of strip Scrabble…Beckham’s people tried to make out it was just a brief fling. But the truth is, it was much, much more…Now I’m determined the whole world will know the truth. It was a love affair. We both had very deep feelings for each other.“

The ish hit the fan when VB found one of the texts and confronted David with it.  He said he loved her too much to cheat, she punched him.  Life went on.  This is bad timing for David and Victoria, when they’ve so publicly been making claims of their love and solidarity.

new doo

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Looks like VB had to give up the extensions and give her poor head a rest. We give it two weeks before they’re back in. Once an addict, always an addict.

Victoria got her hair done at Lockonego salon in Chelsea, and texted David some photos of her hair by picture phone as soon as it was done.

the big question


The buzz is on: Victoria Beckham has made her mind up to bring a new baby into the world in 2007 and you know how goal oriented this gal can be. This fills us with a strange celeb-luv sort of ennui.

Yes, we know that 99.9% of their photos are staged, or the paps are called ahead of time and told their exact location and time of arrival.

Yes, we know about the “sham marriage” libel case.

And the affairs, and the brand that is Beckham.

So why do we see these photos and keep hoping/believing it’s for real?

Here at kickette.com, we’re onside with the romance. It’s that whole fake-it-til-you-make-it thing. Rumours are that Victoria is eating, smiling and seems happier than she has in months… Plus, how hard can it be to pretend you want to sleep with your husband when he’s as foine as David?

We’ve got to believe the marriage is for real. It’s the dream, right? Perhaps not three C-sections and living your entire life in front of the camera, but everything else? Hell, yeah. And that’s gotta count for something.