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Cellulite Spotting: Victoria Beckham

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This image of Victoria Beckham is currently doing the rounds with the claim that you can see cellulite on her thighs. 

Oh, if that were true, but let’s keep it real: would Victoria Beckham ever leave the house in short shorts if she wasn’t absolutely positive she had the gams to pull it off?  Just not her style.  We thinks this can be chalked up to bad lighting and/or uneven fake tanner application.

However, the pap shot of her hair extensions and “hair loss” makes for compelling viewing and dinner conversation. 


becks watch: shopping


Another day, another scrummy photo of David, this time hitting the shops while on vacation.  One word ladies:  thighs.

player hating


What is going on with the fantastic Mr. B? he’s always been a hottie, but during the world cup and afters, he has become so super-foine we are questioning his status as a mere mortal.

We all know the rules: don’t hate the player, hate the game. But in this instance, Kickette is hating on Victoria B real hard.

The Beckhams are currently enjoying a vacation around Spain, Italy and the South of France, cruising it up in style on Roberto Cavalli’s £20 million yacht. There’s a reason to hate right there, but we’ll leave that alone.

Reportedly, they are also trying “insanely hard” for a fourth child. Said to be desperate for a girl to complete their family (Brooklyn, seven, Romeo three, and Cruz, one), David and Victoria have been making out like newlyweds on vacation – not caring who is watching (ie, the Paparazzi, whom Victoria seems well aware of in these pics).

Becks has told his pals they’re trying “non-stop” for a baby.

Feeling the hate yet?

becks on the beach



We love David, oh goodness yes we do.  looking at these photos of his royal buffness leads us to ask a few enduring questions:

1. where is Victoria?
2. doesn’t lil’ Romeo need – nay, deserve a haircut?
3. seriously, where is Victoria?