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Product Shill: Fernando Torres for Piaget



Which of the Boys Week bloggers chose Fernando Torres as their secret (or not so secret) man crush?

Find out in our Finest 5 Man Crush reveal on Friday!

Link: Watch Nando in action for Piaget

WAGs We Love: Estelle Denis


“Estelle Denis, for having the nerve to turn down Raymond Domenech’s on-air marriage proposal.

And, she’s hot and French.“

Ollie from Who Ate All The Pies, one of our fav footy blogs – aren’t you glad they’re back in action?

Link: Raymond Domenech Proposes…

Footballer Fantasy: Who Would You Be?



This post is brought to you from Daryl over at The Offside. Please welcome him with an air kiss and a firm squeeze of his biceps.

From as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a professional footballer: fame, fast cars, women, money. Lots and lots of money. Oh, and football. Mustn’t forget the football.

The one small problem with this ambition is that I was never even close to being good enough. So, my only hope for professional footballer-dom lies in some sort of mysterious Freaky Friday-style body swap. Not sure exactly how it would happen, I’m assuming some sort of lightning strike. But when it finally does, which player would I like to wake up as?

Let’s start with David Beckham. Old Goldenballs’ life looks mighty appealing on the surface. He’s possibly the most famous man in the world after Barack Obama. But there’s such a thing as being too well known, and every Becks blessing is also a bit of a curse. For example…


Good Week / Bad Week



Yoann Gourcuff at the 2009 UNFP Awards, Studio SFP, Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Image via Zimbio


Totally the best week ever for Yoann Gourcuff. First, he won the Ligue 1 Player of the Year award, then he finally got his move to Bordeaux made permanent, then they go and break Lyon’s seven year reign of dominance by winning the league (er, Ligue) thanks to a 1-0 win over Caen on Saturday. At this point, Yoann’s life is so perfect even God is jealous.

Sure, polishing off the treble by beating Manchester United in the Champions League final is fine and good, but the real win for Barca came during the celebration that followed. The boys clearly had tons o’ fun, with Messi even going so far as to express his drunken love for inflatable lollipops.

LL Cool S
Inter Milan’s 18-year-old full back got his first call up from Marcello Lippi for Italy’s friendly against Northern Ireland after overcoming the dangerous siren song of the Inter groupies. Says Santon: “Since I made the first team handfuls of girls have appeared. They crop up everywhere, but I keep my true friends from my childhood close to me.” Hmm, when you say “handfuls”, do you mean that literally, Santon?

Small trunks
Cristiano Ronaldo clearly wasn’t happy about the loss to Barca or Sir Alex’s crappy tactics, but how bad can things be when you’re sunbathing in Sardinia and wearing a child’s bathing suit (with matching rosary necklace?).

Although the boys takeover is freaking out a few readers – it’s all for a good cause. Please wish long-time Kickette writer Stephanie a long and happy marriage – she tied the knot yesterday on an island far removed from internet access. Congrats!



Paolo Maldini, Carlo Ancelotti, Luis Figo, and Pavel Nedved all said their goodbyes to Serie A, leaving a gaping void of classiness in their absence. Oh, and Kaka could already be gone, too. I think it might be time for Serie A to invest in cloning technology.

Gambling addictions
Manchester City’s Dietmar Hamann is being sued by betting firm Sporting Index for

WAGs We Love: Alena Seredova



“… because she is a stunning Eastern European beauty and, more importantly, has posed nude on many occasions.“

The straight-talking boys at Unprofessional Foul