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…The Continental: Welcome To Boys Week



Well hello there.

I see you’ve caught me standing here and casually leaning against this…thing. I am The Berba.

You might remember me from such places as: under your bed, hiding in your closet with a video camera, or the man in scuba gear waiting for you in your bathtub.

I heard there were many, many gorgeous ladies here at Kickette, so I have come to offer you all a chance to get drunk on the Berbahol. Ha-HA! This is a very special week, you see. When I first arrived here, I used my Berba-charm on the lovely chickadees that usually run this site. But they could not handle my intense Berbosity and made up excuses about me smelling like feet and raccoons before going away to recover from our encounter.

So, we will be having what they call a “Boys Week” – and I call a “Berba Week” — where the men of some of your other favorite football blogs, including my friends from Dirty Tackle, will take over.

There will be a lot of lads passing through to entertain you Kickettes this week, but please, remember that The Berba loves you the most…and, he is the only one willing to express that love by doing bizarre and vaguely erotic things to your ankles.

And with that thought now dancing in your head, I will give you some very special tips on how to attract a famous, sexy, widow’s peaked, and beard-stubbled footballer. Like me. Ha-HA! Let’s begin: