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Good Week/Bad Week: Sackings, Special Reports & Semantics


Ibrahim Affellay and a pack of his Barca teammates headed to the DSquared store in Milan earlier today.

There’s some serious weirdness going on in the world of football, Kickettes, and this time it’s got nothing to do with our staffers and their nefarious nocturnal activities.

Well, not all of it, anyway.


Kitted Out: All Systems Glow For Nike


Images via nikeinc.

We checked our editorial guidelines to see if we were obligated to run this video boasting a naked Neymar a mere two seconds in, and as it turns out, we are.

Being the kind of girls who pollute the environment with our every waking thought, we’re grateful Nike has picked up our slack. The kits they’ve designed for Brazil, France, USA and Australia are almost completely recycled and manufactured from an average of thirteen plastic bottles.

Which explains why none of these ‘ballers are perspiring in their new kits. Sweating like normal people is overrated, you see. Shooting laser beams from your midsection so it glows is not.


Marcos Vinicius & Felipe Anderson: Sacrificial Lambs


Santos' Marcos Vinicius 'Dimba' and Felipe Anderson

Neymar offers up a fresh crop of newly promoted leggy lambs, also known as Marcos Vinicius and Felipe Anderson, for the Kickette taking. Why doesn’t this happen more often? Image via Neymar.

Hugo Nervo And The Over-Enthusiastic Tackle Of Doom


Image: REUTERS/Sergio Moraes.

With our penchant for crap hats and whips, you might say we’re the ‘Indiana Jones’s’ of the fluffy football world.

With this in mind, we ventured into the depths of the Copa Libertadores last night and found this photo of Wagner (r) being tackled/molested (depending on how loose your definition on on-pitch discipline is) by the magnificently named Hugo Nervo.

We hope you’re grateful. You have no idea what we had to crawl through to get this.

Brasiliense FC: The Unpleasant Truth Exposed


Kickette: knowingly exploiting men (including those from the Brasiliense first team) for nefarious purposes since 2006. Image via brasiliensefc.com.br.

We were looking forward to dusting off our radical feminist costumes and having a good old bitch when we found out that Brazilian side Brasiliense FC had been pushing soft porn on their club website in a bid to boost site traffic.

Alright. We were halfway into them and sharpening our claws on the office scratching post before we remembered that in our daily work, we frequently lead a post with a picture of an athlete in a state of partial undress or worse, in a state of escalating excitement, with the specific intention of encouraging our readers to perv on him.

Our costumes have been returned to the broom cupboard and if it’s okay with you guys, we’ll say no more about it. Alright?