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Finger Food Festivities: Kaká’s Son Turns 3


Image Credit: AgNews.

Along with bouncing balls on Mickey’s nose, Kaká and his fantastically put-together family have been quite a busy unit recently. Last Friday, he and wife Caroline celebrated their son Luca’s 3rd birthday, which turned out to be a dual purpose party as it also marked their two-month-old daughter Isabella’s first public outing (which happened to be in front of the cameras). C’mon now, isn’t this the cutest clan you’ve ever seen?

For the terribly nosy Kickettes, other guests at the shindig included Original Ronaldo’s son, Alex, daughter, Maria Sofia and ex-whatchamacallit, Bia Antony. A star-studded gathering, if we say so ourselves.

Sidenote on the side-eye: Luca was all biznazz about his birfday. If looks could cause paper cuts…

Good Week/Bad Week: Guitars & Last Games


Not an entirely wasted week for the Beckham babes either. Mommy tweeted an image of three guitars that Justin Bieber had signed and sent over for Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn, all of whom are reportedly big fans of the Canadian pop hamster. Image via yfrog


Glam Fairies: Congrats to Victoria Beckham and her team, who picked up the Accessory Designer of the Year gong at the Glamour Awards in London this week. Mrs B popped up via video link to accept her award rather than attending in person, presumably as she had no immediate requirement for the bottle of fake tan she was reportedly given as part of her prize. Kickette fave Jess Ennis picked up Sportswoman of the Year, just soes ya knoes.


Practise Makes Perfect: Robinho & Robson Junior


Robinho’s 3-year-old son was a welcome guest at Brazil’s training session yesterdayy, as noted by the immensely fuzzy cuddle session between Robson Jr and a Brazilian NT staffer that we’ve watched more times than we have toes.

Guess the rule still stands: ‘ballers are inherently blessed with a superior knack for procreating the cutest of kids.

Note to selves: we have *got* to get our hands on whatever strand of DNA that is their secret, so we can bottle it up and mass produce it at a premium price (Kickettes will get a discount, natch).