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Good Week/Bad Week: Suncream & Squealing


Aww, look at him in his little hat! And Archie too! Image via Jack’s Twitter.

Some serious football fixtures demand our attention this weekend, Kickettes. Before settling down at the foot of our nacho mountain to watch the manhose unfold, we prepared this little round-up of the stuff that occurred in between our unscheduled naps.


Good Week/Bad Week: Babies, Boobies & Brian Dowling


As bromances go, we can’t say we expected this. But ya know what? It might just be mad enough to work… Image: REUTERS/Eddie Keogh.

It’s past 5 o’clock somewhere, Kickettes.

Consider that an explanation for our poor spelling, lack of coherence and just about anything else that’s horribly wrong after the jump.


Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Victor Sanchez Mata & Son


Espanyol: +2, Ovaries: Never stood a chance.

Er… the level of cuteness rolled up and squished into the chubby cheeks of Victor Mata Sanchez’s son is surely enough to bring about world peace. Or at least a truce between MC Harvey and Cheryl Cole.

A tip for all domestic and international footy teams everywhere: force your footballers to hold a baby whilst posing for their official squad photo and your appeal will increase tenfold.

Ane Alonso: Madrid Park Princess


Images taken September 2011 in Madrid.

After seeing the latest pics of Xabi Alonso and wifey Nagore shopping at D&G in Madrid, we got to thinking: have we ever seen Ane Alonso?

Okay, we have. Once. But have we ever seen Ane Alonso as a toddler?

We thought not, which is why we’re donating hi-res photos of her to your desktop files and Tumblr accounts now, Kickettes. Four months after these shots were taken. Yeah, we know – last one to show buys first round, third is the one with the hairy chest, etc.

Whaddya say we stop now and let you guys and gals take it from here? We’re confident you’ll be just fine if left unattended.

Luis & Delfina Suarez: Pink, Puffy & Peaceful


Delfina keeps an eye on proceedings at Liverpool vs. Manchester United on Saturday. Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe.

We’re thinking that the UN should offer Delfina Suarez a job. Her ability to divert attention in a potential flashpoint situ, using just a woolly hat and pink puffy jacket combo is the best we’ve ever seen.