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‘Ballers At Baptisms: Nicklas Bendtner & Pepe Reina


Caroline Fleming

Images Credit: Martin Høien/BILLED-BLADET.

It’s with cold hands and gooey hearts that we bring you a warming dose of ‘ballers (and their ex or current WAGs) being affectionate with bubbas today, Kickettes.

Please note: your health may or may not be affected by the cascade of knuckle biting cuteness that you’re about to take in. We’re afraid no cup of tea will fix the deterioration of your fertility once the viewing damage is done.


Brek Shea: Displaced By A Donkey


You’d think that a semi-naked Brek Shea would be the star of any photo, wouldn’t you? Sorry, Brek. No dice in this one. Image via espn.

We found this video of Brek Shea and FC Dallas finding their inner farm boys at the bottom of the Kickette Halloween dressing up box. The shoot for Model Citizen happened just over a year ago but the tape must have been scooped up with the costumes during our attempt to hide the evidence.

That’s our story anyway.

Pitter Patter: Jack Wilshere & Lauren Neal Welcome Baby Archie


Jack and Archie Wilshire

Image via Jack Wilshere’s Twitter account.

Ovary explosion is an understatement, Kickettes. This new bundle of Arsenal Adorkableness is causing an extreme ovaryaction in our esteemed domicile at the mo.

Jack Wilshere’s (ex?) girlfriend Lauren Neal, gave birth to a baby boy – Archie Jack Wilshere – today at 15:06 GMT. The tiny tot clocked in at a healthy 7lbs 11oz and we greatly appreciate Jack not making us wait until eternity to get a peek at his newborn by pulling a David Beckham.

As if seeing pictures of Jack and his cute puppy weren’t distracting enough, we can’t even begin to comprehend what this season’s bubbas & ‘ballers parade at the Emirates (hopefully starring these two cuties) will do to our physical and mental states.

Baby Love: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. & Vitoria Coentrão


Under the watchful eyes of grandma and Daddy’s girlfriend Irina, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. was spittin’ his baby game on Vitoria Coentrão in the Bernabeu luxury suites yesterday. Should we be surprised that the apple isn’t falling far from the tree?

Enzo Zidane: Growing A Goatee?


Is that a budding goatee we’re seeing on sixteen-year-old Enzo? Or are we just being horribly optimistic in the face of his youthful hotness? Yeah, we are. It’s almost certainly an adolescent blemish he’s rubbing thoughtfully.