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‘Ballers In Barbados: Wayne Rooney, Gary McAllister & Andy Carroll


C’mon guys, s-m-i-l-e! You’re on holiday after all. Yeesh.

Shakira: Her Sweats Don’t Lie


YouTube Preview Image

Either she’s trying to win us over by pretending she’s just a normal chica who hits the trackie bottoms when the going gets tough, or, as some unreliable peeps might have it, she’s preggo. Pray to San Iker it’s the former, for all our sakes.

BTW, a scantily clad Shakira pole dances in her new music video for “Rabiosa” (feat. Pitbull) before finishing off her version of cinéma vérité in a perfect, self-exposing split. We’d love to know your thoughts about her bump ‘n grind when you get a sec, Kickettes.

Image: Bauer Griffin/Zimbio

Practise Makes Perfect: Robinho & Robson Junior


Robinho’s 3-year-old son was a welcome guest at Brazil’s training session yesterdayy, as noted by the immensely fuzzy cuddle session between Robson Jr and a Brazilian NT staffer that we’ve watched more times than we have toes.

Guess the rule still stands: ‘ballers are inherently blessed with a superior knack for procreating the cutest of kids.

Note to selves: we have *got* to get our hands on whatever strand of DNA that is their secret, so we can bottle it up and mass produce it at a premium price (Kickettes will get a discount, natch).


Bubbas & ‘Ballers: The Cuteness Outbreak Continues


With this being our second Baller Babies post in as many weeks, we figured it was probably best to lead with something impressive. Please welcome baby Sophia to the pantheon of Kickette favoured chubbas, seen here in the arms of momma Abbey Clancy at Peter Crouch’s last game of the league season for Spurs. Our view?

We think she is gorgeous. As is baby Sophia.

Follow the jump for more random bundles of footballing loveliness. And crap gags.


Pitter Patter: Alex & Steven Gerrard


Since our record at reporting impending births has recently been confirmed as ‘spectacularly bad’, we thought we’d skip our morning muffin to bring you this breaking baby news.

According to reports, Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard and his wife Alex are expecting their third baby. Alex is ‘more than three months’ preggo, so we could be looking at a brother or sister (the couple don’t want to know the sex, but are apparently hoping for a boy) for Lexie and Lilly-Ella in November time.

Congrats to the family Gerrard, who are reportedly ‘much closer’ since they found out. Which is kind of obvious. Since he put a baby inside her. Hee.

Vintage Stevie & his girls image: AP Photo/Daylife