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Carly Cole: On Twitter? Expecting Another?


Maybe you have noticed that Carly Cole, wife of Joe, is on Twitter Kickettes?

Don’t beat yourselves up, we didn’t either.

Reader Soledad writes in:

“There have been many fakes before, all posting what seem to be private pics, but they all disappeared. Now there is a new one, and she claims to be having a new Cole baby next month.”

Hmmm….first time we’re hearing this news, but could in theory make sense, since Carly has been missing in action since Joey moved their family to France last August.

What about the rest of our Kickette Army? Can anyone confirm or deny if the Cole brood is expanding? If Carly is expected to pop sometime soon, will baby number two set a new world magazine cover record (stealing the crown from his/her older sister Ruby, who made her Hello! debut at 10 days old)?

Archie O’Hara Throws Down The Temper Tantrum Gauntlet At The May Fair Hotel


Jamie O'hara son child footballer wife wives girlfriends

Image: @MissDLloyd.

Jamie O’Hara and Danielle Lloyd’s insanely adorable son Archie was caught disturbing the peace at the five star London establishment on Saturday.


Now Playing: A Preview Of ‘Being: Liverpool’


A teaser trailer for the upcoming LFC reality TV series is out, Kickettes, and it involves bubbas and ‘ballers.  Check it out now.

Three Fun Facts About Teddy Sheringham And His 26-Year-Old Fiancée


The happy fam appeared at the recent Marie Keating Golf Classic Club in Kildare, Ireland.

Here’s Teddy Sheringham – the man who started Danielle Lloyd off on her serial baller roller coaster of skankocity – and his 26-year-old fiancée Kristina Andrioti with their 8-month-old, George.

FF #1: Teddy, (who used to play for the England National Team back in the 1700s), is 46.
FF #2: Kristina is 2 years older than Teddy’s other son, Charlie.
FF #3: She’s a twin and she works in PR.

Kudos to Kristina for being employed and locking this down so far. Teddy, as we all know, never was the settling down type.

So here’s what we want to know: Creepy? Or: whatever, Teddy’s the man!

Kickette Catch Up: Your Extended Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Image: KCKRS via Tri-CityHerald.com.

Hope you had a good bank holiday, Kickettes!