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Kai Rooney: Nou Reason To Panic


Truth be told, little Kai has quite the kit collection for a kid his age. Image: WENN.


Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Image: Splash News/East News.

While one or two of the more hardy Kickette staff bothered to hit the “Post” button during last week’s HQ holiday in America, the majority of us took the “happily buried beneath shopping bags, blissed out and blessedly unaware of the outside world” high road.

That was, until this morning.

If you too have found yourself back at your desk for the first time since discovering it actually was possible for you to drink your own weight in tequila, here’s a quick rundown of what (we think) happened while we were MIA.

Any mistakes, please forgive. We haven’t technically opened our eyes yet.


Cesc Fabregas & Daniella Semaan: Sunny Sexfaces


Yes, this entire scenario has the power to bring Kickette HQ to instant, complete and utter jealous raging, the likes of which haven’t appeared since we saw a WAG with a Birkin.

Although we put Cesc’s sex face on Twitterverse blast earlier, we didn’t put two and two together that it was Cesc making the face and Daniella making him make the face. It seems as though we were – and maybe still are – in serious denial about the Barcelona ‘baller being booed up.

See you at Ben & Jerry’s, Kickettes?


Pitter Patter: Jesus Navas & Alejandra Moral Welcome Jesus Jnr


Congrats to the ridiculously beautiful pair, who showed off their brand new son yesterday at the USP Sagrado Corazon Hospital in Seville.

Whether young Jesus has inherited Daddy’s ice blue eyes, we can’t yet say as the newborn kept ‘em closed while the paps did their thing. But you can be assured we will be trawling the internet until we have resolved the mystery.

Neymar: Who Throws A Shoe?


Why, it’s Marcelo’s bundle of fluffy boy love, Enzo. We have to confess, we’ve been tempted to do this to Neymar on several occasions. Image: REUTERS/Sergio Moraes.