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GQMF Plus One: Sami Khedira & Lena Gercke


Good heavens. We hope you warmed your hands first, Sami! Images via gq-magazin.de.

Avert your eyes, Kickettes! We haven’t revealed this much flesh on the site in one go since Tim Howard was kind enough to get his nekkid on for ESPN, and our server collapsed under the weight of our rampant lust.

Despite appearances, it’s all above board and not remotely under-the-counter in a brown paper bag. In fact, it’s Sami Khedira and Lena Gercke’s GQ shoot, which appears in the latest edition of the German version of the mag. This is actually one of the less steamy shots – others include ‘in bed with Sami and Lena’ plus a very fetching one of Sami in a smart dressing gown. Which we know you’ve been desperate to see.

A note of caution: last time we got all over excited about a couple getting hot ‘n heavy on a magazine cover, they had a bubba and then broke up. We sure hope that doesn’t happen again.

We’d feel awful guilty…

Weekend Results: Tights, Tongues and Transparency Issues


The latest development in football kits? Invisibility properties. We can make use of that here. Image: Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images Europe.

Did you spend the last 48 hours in your homemade duvet cave, eating nachos and taking in as much sport as possible between well deserved naps? We did.

In fact, we *may* have kept our duvets on for the trip to work. If you saw us on the tube, we can only apologise.


‘Ballers, Biscuits & Their Babes: Patrick Owomoyela & Sebastian Kehl


While staring at this photo of two Borussia Dortmund boys and their WAGs at a post-fashion show party in honour of sweets and other high carb/high sugar delights, we were struck by one undeniable truth: shop assistants lie. Oh, how they lie.

They lie to the innocent and cash-rich when they tell them, “Why yes, Mr Kehl, Palm Beach suits are going to be huuuge this Spring.”

They lie when they also say, “Shresses with elastic hems and colorful Missoni-like haberdashery are a must for any woman seeking a front row seat at Berlin Fashion Week,” as well as, “Whatever it is you’ve got on your feet really bring out the warmth in your eyes, Josipa.”

Anyway as we were saying, Borussia Dortmund’s (from left to right) Patrick Owomoyela, his steady sweetheart, Josipa, his team-mate, Sebastian Kehl, and Kehl’s WAG, Tina Kruger, hit the red carpet together two weeks ago in Cologne, Germany, to celebrate the annual International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM).

Naturally, we’ve signed up for VIP tickets to next year’s shindig.

Manuel Neuer: Customer Satisfaction Survey


With one blast of the newly patented Kickette Pheremone Spray™, this Kickette soldier girl is ensuring that Manuel Neuer will comply with all of her desires and whims for the next 24 hours.

You reckon this stuff will catch on?

Weekend Results: Sitting Pretty (But Mostly Still)


Players disrespecting referees is a big problem in many European leagues. Not so much in the Bundesliga, though. Image:  THOMAS KIENZLE/AFP/Getty Images.

While everyone in England was caught up in the now traditional FA Cup bicker-fest, the rest of the European Leagues had a peculiar stillness about them this weekend.