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Bayern Munich: No Risk, No Reward?


Image taken 2nd April, 2011.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so we hear they say.

More often than not, as you can probably attest, we prefer taking the easier way out. We do wonder, though, if in a year from now, we’ll find ourselves agonising over all the times this site fell short of your skin expectations. ‘Don’t carpe diem on the carpet’ is our HQ’s mantra, used to weigh up which gossip, news and pectoral muscles merit your time and attention. People, places or things such as Franck Ribéry’s mere existence normally provides ample reason to skip the story sharing, but to hell with him today.

It’s obvious Ribéry isn’t high on our list of footballers who are worthy of appearing alongside well-oiled men like Mario Gomez and Luiz Gustavo. Just this once, however, are we willing to throw off the fugly bowlines in a 4-for-2 tents and torsos special.

Your vision may be blurred due to our irrational choices, but with the body part odds heavily in our favour, we couldn’t resist the temptation. Now that you’ve had the pleasure of observing Gomez and Gustavo’s lower halves have a good time with one another, would you agree or argue our point that Ribéry’s photobombing tendencies was worth the risk?

Weekend Results: Myopic Merriment


Emmanual Adebayor succinctly shows how, often times, football’s loss can be Kickette’s gain. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

This weekend’s return to league action was abtastic, as you’ll soon find in our photo-heavy recap. It may be a good idea to wear your Chanel facemask while reading.

Before we start, though, allow us to pick your brains a bit. Are there any leagues chock full of torsos, wet men or bitcherfacers that we fail to regularly cover? Sound off, guys and dolls, because this is your chance to spread the cheery spirit and cheeky delight that “other” domestic leagues have on offer. Plus, we may get a sudden surge of motivation next week and feature one reader’s recommendation.

It’s not a guarantee – more like wishful thinking – but hey, it could happen.


German NT: In Training, But For What?


Thomas Mueller & Christian Traesch birth a beautiful partnership for for next season’s ‘Let’s Dance’ during training. You saw it here first! Image: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images/Daylife

Supermodel, Work! Sarah Brandner For Sport Magazine


Images: sport10.at.

In yet another installment of “Lives and Bodies That Are Better Than Ours”, Sarah Brandner is back with a bikini vengeance to nag us about getting into swimsuit season shape.

Featured in the April issue of Austrian magazine Sport, Bastian Schweinsteiger’s 22-year-old girlfriend flashes her hip flexors as she claims to be an ‘independent woman’.

How nice. We’d give her a king-size cookie for her separate-entity-from-my-boyfriend mentality, but it’s bound to be rejected by Sarah’s taut tummy.

Speaking of which, Kickettes, does the sight of fighting fit WAGs make your rethink your Easter dinner + candy ways? Are you, like us, planning on suffering through swim laps at a posh private health club in order to slide on a slick suit this Summer? Or have you, also like us, nixed the notion of Yolanthe’s strict cucumbers and espresso starvation diet? We need answers and new whoopie pie recipes, if anyone can lend a helping hand.

Weekend Results: A Bum & A Big Bird


Stuey Holden. Kickette Secret Agent. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

Today’s Weekend Results post contains a photograph that may cause paralysis/hysteria/unpleasant explosions among a certain demographic of Kickette soldier girls and boys. Many will remain impervious to the effects but the ramifications of exposure to the few could have a lasting affect over the whole community. We recommend precautionary measures should be taken by all.

Thank you.