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Weekend Results: Totally On Message


Mario Gomez: Allowing Kickette staff to get their priorities right since 1985.

Now you see, it’s days like this we really come into our own. Considering the high scores, controversial sendings off and returns to form this weekend has brought forth, any ordinary football website would lead with a dull action photo of a tackle, a red card or one of Cristiano’s goal celebrations.

Not us, though. We’re going to lead this episode of the Weekend Results with a picture of a man whose team are currently eleventh in the Bundesliga and ground out a 0-0 draw with Hamburg. Yup, it’s Mario Gomez and his thighs. Does our temerity not rock?!


Masterchef: Moritz Volz In The Kitchen


Image via Inside Picture/Donadabola.com

St. Pauli cutie Moritz Volz knows the way to a woman’s skanties, that’s for sure.

Posing in the kitchen, happy to be holding utensils he’ll soon be using to make something involving carbs? Definitely gives us the feelings. Only way to improve on that hot factor: if he was wearing a shirt made of money.

Short Tent In Situ: Lukas Podolski, FC Köln


Lukas Podolski

In case you weren’t already familiar,the Latin phrase ‘in situ’ is translated to mean ‘in its place.’ As we routinely look to expand your experience on our meat market/Web site, today’s vocabulary lesson was inspired by Poldi’s short tent. Which, may we add, is firmly in its place. Image: Reuters Pictures.

Weekend Results: Tackling The Big Issues


Bendy congratulates Marouane Chamakh on a step in the right direction. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

The Emirates is the starting point for our results round up this week, where a controversy that has been brewing for weeks finally came to a head. It was only a matter of time before the issue that has been confounding media and players alike exploded on the pitch and while it wasn’t pretty, we all feel a sense of relief and hope that Saturday’s events were the last word on the matter. 

Kickettes, the Buzzard Cut has been laid to rest. Marouane Chamakh has had a haircut. You may all breathe easy again.

Mario Gomez: Suited & Recruited


German Chancellor Angela Merkel considers the benefits of inviting Mario Gomez to join her cabinet. Mario and the rest of the German NT were collecting awards for looking ridiculously hot in suits their performance in the World Cup.