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Robinho & Mario Gomez: Hot In Hats


Image of Mario Gomez via bild

Hats. An easy, functional, one step solution if you’ve been too drunk and/or lazy to wash your hair. We’ve all been there.

But a little known bonus fact is that hats are also capable of elevating an individual’s hotness quotient by up to 30%**.

Whether Robinho (above) and Mario Gomez (left) have brought out their headgear in order to conceal an outbreak of ‘party’ hair or simply want to avail themselves of a cute boost, we neither know nor care.

We admit, Robinho’s trucker 2.0 style and Mario’s pork pie variation are tricky to pull off, but we think both boys make ‘em work. You?

**Figure made up supplied by the Kickette Hotness Statistics Institute.

Weekend Results: Good For You?


David Villa & Dani Alves bringin’ the man love (and internal exams). Images: Getty Images, Reuters via Daylife

Now we know why there are beds in the Real Madrid training complex – they’re for the players to hide under when the team begins the season by dropping points against Mallorca. (Especially since Barcelona made certain of their three; goals from Messi, Iniesta and Daveeeeed Villa supplied a convincing victory away at Racing Santander.) FYI, Barca’s Victor Valdes (and our EXI keeper) contributed via this awesome penalty save whilst preserving his sexy. Elsewhere in La Liga, Sevilla’s 4-1 away win at Levante ensured they hold top spot.

Phew. That was a lot of official sounding reportage for a bank holiday Monday. But we’ve started, so we might as well go on.


In The Stands: Schalke’s Edu, Raul & Metzelder


Oh dear. Looks like the definitive verdict on Gomez’s lederhosen is in. If Raul says it, it’s law.

In The Ring: Lukas Podolski & Felix Sturm


Looks like Köln cutie Lukas Pololski needs to work on his blocking techniques if he’s going to dodge blows moonlighting as a professional fighter. Either that or he just saw the receipt for his upcoming wedding bill. Oh, fine, he’s just hanging out with Felix Sturm prior to Fight Night in September.

Michael Ballack & Fernando Torres: Rainy Day Pout Parade


Images via Getty/Zimbio.

These boys may not like the rain, but we sure do.

Aside from wet weather making a footy kit much more interesting, it also seems to make players get pouty. This then dries out their bottom lips. Eventually they’re dehydrated and thirst sets in, leading to loose tongues looking for free H20 refills.

No, this is not a stretch of reality, this is factual…ish. Regardless, footballers + tongues always = contentment. Just ask Bojan.

Thanks M!