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Weekend Results: Euro Edition, Now With (More) Abs


No, we’re not paranoid. Fate is indeed conspiring against our desire for long, lustrous and totally not plastic nails. Yes people, after the stresses and strains of the EPL title chase, we now have to sadly report that both the Spanish and Italian league titles will go to the wire, with the final decisive games taking place on Sunday 16th May. Our manicurist is furious.


End of Season Bundesliga Bits


FC Bayern Munich VFL BochumAnyone else’s lady parts feel a tad on the achey-I-wanna-make-a-baby lately? Well then, seeing Arjen Robben’s son Luka won’t help the cause.

FYI – According to unconfirmable sources, Luka is around two-years-old and is Arjen and wife, Bernadien’s first child. Mrs. Robben recently gave birth to the couple’s second child, named Lynn.

So, is there a universal rule about all toddlers named Luka being outrageously nummy?

We can’t decide which photo has the higher “aww” factor: Luka’s extra long Bayern Munich scarf or Alma Reina’s Fruity Pebbles ponytail? This one’s rather difficult; someone get Luka a teddybear to ease his worries.


Lazy Links & Randoms


You may have noticed we’ve been a little man-flesh heavy recently. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, an overdose of anything is bad for one’s health so we rather generously thought we would refresh your palates with some WAG goss.

Above, you will see Abbey Clancy shopping. For discount carpet. This is odd, but we’re prepared to overlook it on the grounds that it’s a relief to see a WAG doing something she is meant to be doing. Lately we have noticed an unnerving trend of WAG’s expending effort. Like real, proper effort. Marathon running, water skiing, competitive ballroom dancing. All worthy pursuits, we’re sure, but we hadn’t exactly factored this into our life plan. We were working the ‘get the man, get the car, get the house, get the ring, get all the handbags in the fugging world’ angle. Now we have to learn running too?


5 Reasons Why German Men Are Better Than Nutella


YouTube Preview Image

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Nutella is the stuff study abroad dreams are made of – as long as you can stave off the inevitable stone and a half in weight gain. And even though we sought homesickness solace from our 3 kilo novelty jar, not being able to speak the language taught us that there is only one thing better than the chocolately treat.

German men. Or, more specifically, German footballers.

As far as we can tell, Germans don’t contain hazelnuts. But they do give good hugs and can teach any foreign exchange student the native tongue (hee). Don’t believe us? Hear us out…and read on for our reasons why Germans > Nutella.


Mario Gomez: Well-Suited Style


Champions League

Every now and then, we feel the need to check up on those we’ve previously deemed hot and hard-bodied. Especially as we are mulling over our options for the latest edition of the Finest Five. (And this time around, Kickettes, we just might be calling on you to make the selections…)

In summary, Mario Gomez is still unbelievably foine. Our work here is done.