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Midweek Results: Slightly New, Barely Improved


Image: AP Photo/Martin Meissner.

After numerous staff meetings, a broken window and two arrests (yes, it was the Kellys; no, they haven’t made bail) the Kickette staff have taken a collective deep breath and launched themselves into the unknown.

In response to your apparently voracious interest in our Weekend Results posts, we are going to attempt to make a permanent feature of our somewhat sporadic Midweek Results posts. This will involve rounding up European and Champions League fixtures plus any other business (Cups & whatnot) that we feel you should be aware of. At present we have no plans to cover Europa League games on the basis of:

A) The vast number of them involving teams we’ve never heard of;

B) The Thursday night kick-offs interfering with happy hour at our local bar.

If you complain enough, we may reconsider.

Furthermore, we anticipate teething problems and glaring omissions in the first few weeks, but we would hate to depart from our usual modus operandi and appear too efficient. You might not recognise us.

Tell us what you think, peeps!