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Champions League Preview: Fixture Congestion


We’re with Buffy. Sometimes, just sometimes, we can’t quite believe what happened in the Allianz Arena last May either. Images: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Europe.

If last night’s excitement wasn’t enough for you, there’s another eight games to wrap your remote around tonight.

Will Chelsea get their defence of the trophy off to a flying start, or will Signore Buffon save Juve’s blushes? Will Lionel Messi set about breaking his own goal scoring record or struggle against Spartak? Will Manchester United have half an eye on City’s fate, or can the predicted return of Darren Fletcher & Patrice Evra send them soaring?

It’s impossible to spot where the dramz will occur. What’s your policy? Pick a game and stick to it, or flick and like us, miss everything important? It’s a crap shoot at this stage and no mistake.

Champions League Results: Wake Up Bombs


Oh gawd. He’s gone all Kate Winslet on us now. Let’s try to remember this when PSG’s expensively assembled machine runs into a fairly innocuous looking obstacle and sinks without trace. Image: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images Europe.

We slept through last night’s Champion League matches thanks to an unfortunate mismanagement of happy hour drinks.

Did we miss anything?


No Boys Allowed: FC Barcelona Bans Male Flight Stewards


turkish airlines

We won’t be seeing Sanchez strip whilst flying anymore. Wait. Did we ever actually see that or was it just a dream?

On a day when the footballing world throws itself into a tizzy over Champs League ish, we would like to take this opportunity to break some news of our own: Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News reports that Barca has told Turkish Airlines it wants only female flight attendants in the cabin from now on.

Before you blow the sexism whistle, here ye here ye Kickettes. The reason for the XY chromo restriction is ‘cos Messi and his posse are kinda over male flight crews bothering them for their siggys and free swag whilst in flight – something we can totes relate to. Obvi.

According to the newspaper, the airline has heeded the request by guaranteeing all-women cabin crews for future Barca flights. It says “a handpicked crew, made up of 20 female flight attendants,” has been chosen. No one from the Kickette crew was handpicked, it’s worth noting incredulously.

Off Pitch Exploits: Good Week/Bad Week


WC 2014 santos footballer fauxhawk going bankrupt


Breakfast In Bed, Craig Levein’s: Speaking about his unofficial role as the Scotland NT manager’s pet player, James Morrison confirmed to The Telegraph“That’s all I can say. I give him breakfast in bed.” To keep things in context, Morrison admitted his gaffer might play favourites with him, but it’s only ‘cos he needs the confidence. Yeah. Sure James. Whatever you say.


Monday Mmm: Falcao, Atletico Madrid


Image: Handout/Getty Images Europe.

Oh, Falcao. Just when we had forgotten you existed, you return to our minds like a bat outta bin liners. We’ve missed you and your abs, mate. May our paths cross again soon.