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Charity Chatter: Footballers Decking Your Walls and Halls


Source: Lavozlibre, Europa Press

Hands up if you’re massive fans of Advent Calendars like we are at Kickette HQ? Our staffers salivate, (eerily similar to Pavlov’s dogs), at the prospect of popping open another cardboard cutout each day to reveal some low-budget chocolate to nibble on as our post-breakfast-not-yet-lunch snack.

Mmm. Low-budget chocolate.

You see, while there are many reasons why we love Christmas, it’s the month-long simple pleasures that really brings out the best in us and our humble site’s subjects. For example, December is the one time per year that we’re not only permitted – but encouraged! – to drink ourselves into a merrily-intoxicated state of oblivion at the annual office party…without remorse.

You’ve all been there, so don’t judge. Just accept that we’ll be taking a much-needed hiatus in about 10 days time to lay around and do a whole ‘lotta nothing. Remember: its the little things that count.


Jermain Defoe: Confused & In Costume

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Jermain vowed to read his invitations a little more carefully next time. Mixing up the dates of a charity Christmas party at Downing Street and the ‘Lady Gaga’ themed Spurs Xmas bash was bad enough. But in front of the Chancellor of the Exchequer? He was going to have to think fast.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Image: Richard Young/Rex Features.


- Before saying cheese for the camera at The Didier Drogba Foundation Charity Ball in Victoria Beckham Saturday night, Christine Bleakley cozied up to injured Frank Lampard in the stands of Chelsea’s match against Everton. Elen Rivas, on the other hand, went cheek-to-cheek with fellow ex-WAG Lizzie Cundy at an ITV holiday bash.

- After we stumbled upon this shot of D.C. United’s Chris Pontius for BrightestYoungThings, we politely told him to burn this shirt (at left). He retaliated by calling us “haters”. Touché – but still – the shirt is fug. Yay or Nay, Kickettes?

- Diego Forlan and Maxi Lopez will soon be in-laws since Zaira Nara accepted Forlan’s marriage proposal over the weekend.

- Alex Gerrard got her first tattoo: two Ls on the back of her wrist in honour of her daughters Lexie and Lilly-Ella.


- Manchester United’s Nani commissioned a local sculptor to make a 5ft 10in (1.78m) statue…of himself.

- Can anyone identify which one of these masked men is our favourite footballing clotheshorse extraordinaire? [PS: see if you were right here]

- We discovered that Nicolas Anelka is a bad ass man in black on the 7th December cover of Les Inrockuptibles. You can read snippets of his thoughts about his recent French controversy here.

- Louise Redknapp is quickly becoming England’s answer to Brooke Shields: earning a revenue stream through overexposure.

- As is per usual, we forgot to wish a very happy birthday birthday to Barcelona’s David Villa, who turned 29 on Friday. May his last year in his 20s be filled with many more sex face celebrations.

Sweet Charity: Footballers Get Artsy For The Willow Foundation


Carlton Cole: a modern-day, footballing Andy Warhol. Images: WillowFoundation.org, Telegraph.co.uk.

In the mood for gifting?

Just think of the joy you’ll bring to your SO’s eyes when you hand them a painting of a bowl of fruit crafted by Wayne Rooney. He or she will be amazed at the endless list of subliminal messages you’ll conjure up as the two of you dissect Rooney’s meticulously detailed, erect bananas.

Or imagine the chills that will race down the spine of your BFF as they discover Steven Gerrard’s primary school-style cut and paste jobby?! And to think, we thought stick-figure styling was this jack-of-all-trades true calling!

And what about the pride of place you can have as you hang Adam Johnson’s rather creepy golf ink creation above the mantelpiece?

But let’s not get all art snobby about it, after all – all proceeds from sales go to the Willow Foundation, which organises special days out for seriously ill 16-40 year olds. Get in there and bid, Kickettes!