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Delivery Suite Delight: Nemanja & Ana Vidic, Luca Toni & Marta Cecchetto


Image: Blic Online. Cheers to @IvaNedic for the tip.

It’s never a good time for a wife and girlfriend jealously break, per say, but take a reprieve from our usual raucous raciness we shall anyway.

C’mon and join us. It’ll be fun.


Tom Huddlestone: Growing ‘Fro A Cause


Images: twitter, Mike Hewitt/Getty Images.

Spurs midfielder Tom Huddlestone has had a lot of time on his hands since his ongoing ankle injury started acting up again. But don’t be thinking he’s wasting it playing FIFA, pimping out his wheels and falling out of clubs like most footballers do.

Tom made a pledge back in October that he wasn’t going to cut his hair until he scored another goal, and in the process was hoping to raise £75,000 for Cancer Research UK. A couple of days ago he tweeted a four month update, and as you can see, his ‘fro is coming along nicely.

We can only hope that he is taking management advice from Benoit Assou-Ekotto (left). Tom is currently recovering from ankle surgery and it could be several months before his fitness allows him to get anywhere near the goal. By that point, the sheer weight of his ‘fro could have become a problem.

If you want to offer support (to the cause, not the hair), please visit his donation page here.

Robin van Persie: Political Playa


RvP and David Cameron meet to mark the one year anniversary of football youth charity Street League, of which the Arsenal player is the new ambassador. Image: IAN WEST/AFP/Getty Images.

One of these men is effectively responsible for the reputation, economic stability and global perception of a vast European superpower. The other is the British Prime Minister.

QOTD: Fabio Cannavaro Caught In ‘Enormous’ Lie


Image: REUTERS/Samrang Pring.

“Size has never been a problem for me.”

Er… we beg to differ, Fabio. You may claim not to remember the Photoshop D&G re-touch incident of 2006, but it is scorched into our frontal lobes to the extent that we can call it to mind on closed eyes command.

Size has most certainly been a problem for you, but not for us.


Charity Chatter: La Liga ‘Ballers Invade Children’s Hospitals


Images via Athletic Bilbao, Valencia CF and FC Barcelona.

Even in our semi-permanent drunken states, we still get the warm fuzzies when we see ‘ballers making rounds at their local children’s hospitals to pass out gifts and meet the little ones. In Spain, teams will typically do this anytime between Christmas Eve and Three Kings Day (6th of January).

Gird your loins and enjoy the attack on your ovaries, Kickettes.