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Chivas USA: The Dating Game – UPDATED


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Update: Kickettes’ pre-dating rituals, caught on film.

Sometimes we think the MLS has pulled a NOTW and wire tapped our HQ’s phones because their events align themselves perfectly with our foul-minded office convos. This is one of those times.

Chivas USA, together with the Fundacion Chivas de Corazon, have decided to give Kickettes plenty of daydream material by auctioning off a date with some of their club’s ‘ballers for charity.

It’s almost like our own personal mini-transfer market!


Danish NT: Red Carding Domestic Violence


Apparently, 28,00o Danish women suffer domestic violence at the hands of their partners – a staggering statistic that Simon Kjaer, Daniel Agger and Thomas Sorensen have made a focal point in the above  video, which was produced to draw attention and awareness to the issue.

The Danish U21 team are also involved in this vital campaign and you can see their video here.

Iker Casillas: Football Camp Crusader


Iker Casillas, how we love thee and thee’s charity work. You made many campers happy this past Monday when you visited them (and your hometown) in Navalcruz, which is just one of the million reasons why you’ll always be our number #1 ‘baller of choice.

Except when David Beckham finally comes to his senses and accepts our sleepover invitation. Then you may get the boot, but we’re sure we could work out a mutually beneficial bed arrangement to satisfy both our boys.

Kickettes, if you’re yearning for more San Iker shots, pop by our Facebook page to scroll through our extended photo album (since we never did get around to fixing our gallery and all).

David Beckham: What’s The Something You’d Do To Him?


DBecks was spotted on VH1′s DoSomething.org red carpet over the weekend. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Asking us to ‘do something’ to David Beckham feels like a trick question.

Probably because it is, but play along as you wish, people.


New England Revolution: Pouring For A Cause


All photos courtesy of the New England Revolution.

As any faithful Kickette knows, if you invite us to an event that centers around alcohol consumption, we’ll be the first ones to show. And if we can drunkenly empty our wallets for charity instead of those ill-advised 2 AM curry fries, all the better. Throw in the ability to bribe footballers with cash for said charity in order to facilitate shirt removal? We’re camping out the night before.

Sounds like a recipe for Kickette disaster, but for the first time in awhile, our night didn’t end in an arrest. Score!