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Fernando Llorente: Good Looking, Doing Good


Fernando Llorente in India

Images via Marca.com

While many ‘ballers choose to work on their tans all summer, Fernando Llorente took time out to travel to India with Save the Children and do charity work. All together now: awwww. After a cricket lesson with Michael Robinson, host of Spanish show ‘Informe Robinson,’  Llorente headed over to the slums to check out the great services which are offered via mobile clinics and said this trip gave him a new outlook on life and that he truly enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Indian people. He also stopped by a local school in Okhla and got to know some of the kiddies there and the rest, well, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Warning: We are not responsible for any ovary combustions. View at your own risk.


Fore! Miguel Torres, Jordi Codina and Pablo Hernandez Tee Off For Charity


Image: Clinica Menorca.

Yes, unfortunately we said “tee off” and not “ripped their t-shirts off,” but one day they will. We can feel it. Perhaps even at our own outing next year? We’ve already established a tournament name (the ’1st Annual Kickette Charity Golf Tournament’), ground rules for players (all male participants must play shirtless) and which charity we’d sponsor (proceeds would be generously donated to our booze and handbag fund).

Until our planning committee gets their tails in gear, however, we’ll focus on this year’s festivities (that we were rudely denied entry to). Two weekends ago, Getafe’s Miguel Torres, Jordi Codina and Valencia’s Pablo Hernandez took part in a charity golf tournament benefiting the Menorca clinic, which specializes in cancer research. We have not the slightest clue as to how a game of golf is played (Note to selves: add ‘research how a game of golf is played’ on our event to-do lists), nor can we tell you who fared the best that day. But, c’mon, how cute was Migi in his matching outfit and accessories?

Bonus ‘Baller: This past Monday, the delicious hunk of burnin’ German love, Bastian Schweinsteiger, played innocent spectator at the BMW International Open in Munich.  Once a summer scene fixture, his 2011 off-season antics have been far too quiet for our liking. Maybe we can convince him to join in on next year’s fun with us?


Martin Skrtel: Forced To Play Sans Shorts


Liverpool defender loses his bottoms

A big thanks to choreagrapher/dancer, Ján Ďurovčík, for exposing our favourite inked-up Liverpool defender this past Saturday during a charity match in Trencin. In case you weren’t already aware, Skrtel’s ‘turtle’ has been getting its fair share of action as of late. Most notably with his girlfriend Barbara, who is expecting the couple’s first child in October (it’s a boy, as they previously confirmed). Image: sport.cas.sk. Thnx for the tip, E!

Fashion Kicks 2011: Style With A Purpose


Jane Given looked gorgeous in a dress from Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2010 collection. Unfortunately it was the MVP dress of the night as we spotted two other women in it. The horror!

Manchester City goalkeeper Shay Given and his wife Jane hosted their annual Fashion Kicks charity event in Manchester Sunday night. The star-studded guest list included a number of Shay’s teammates, soap stars, pop stars and the recently acquired FA Cup. A fashion show organized by Selfridges featured model Lily Cole and guests noshed on grub prepared by some of Britian’s top chefs.

Now, onto what you really want to know: F5 member Joe Hart was there and he was not alone. His lady, Kim Crew, was on his arm in a nude coloured cocktail dress with matching heels and clutch. We’re still not sold on her, but we do have a slight case of hair envy developing and any woman who gets to see this on the regular must be okay. Right?

More fashion, ballers, and WAGs this way. Oh my!


QOTD: Salomon Kalou On Football & Sex


Chelsea start poses nude

Thanks Qassim for the tip!

Salomon Kalou’s nekkid body has been plastered all over our computer screens once we discovered his nude spread in the June issue of Cosmospolitan UK (to support the Everyman charity). In the feature – which includes a wealth of scantily-clad guys that you should check out – Kalou weighed in on the never-ending sex v. footy debate:

“I’m a good boy – no sex the day before a match. If I had to choose which was better, football or sex, I’d say football. It’s 90 minutes of pure pleasure and I can’t always say that about sex. But it depends on the fixture and the score!”

The Chelsea man brings a whole new meaning to ‘boot porn’, doesn’t he? And props to his female companion in this pic, who clearly has more self-control than the entire Kickette Army combined.