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‘Ballers On Mini-Breaks Style Off: Wayne Bridge v. Cristiano Ronaldo


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Let us be clear: this is, by no means, a fair fight. We didn’t intend for things to be this way, but whenever Cristiano Ronaldo assumes the right to dress himself, all hell breaks loose. Today’s affair is no different, and since we’re on a very tight schedule of not getting anything done, we’re only giving you the barest of style synopsis bones to work with.


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Seattle’s Fredy Montero post-surgery Twitpic. Go Sounders indeed.

T’was a looong week last week, Kickettes, so forgive our ill-fated attempts at keeping a semi-professional/regular schedule. Fortunately, as we flooded our insides with in-flight alcohol, we found some superb shots of a CR JR being craddled by his papa.

Let us begin.


- In case you missed the news like we did, Nagore Aramburu was declared the ‘Most Beautiful Face’ in Spain by the country’s edition of GLAMOUR magazine. Her hot hubby was more than happy to accompany his wife to last week’s ceremony.

Image: Glamour.es. Thnx RF!

- Christian Chivu, 30-years-old, announced his retirement from Romanian international football; he blamed ‘age and surgery’ as reasons for his dwindling competitive streak.

- What kind of dirt does Cesc Fabregas have on Jack Wilshere?! Whatever the secret is, Wilshere promises it will be one for the ladies if he’s ever exposed. We think Cesc should open Jack’s can of worms; you?


Good Week/Bad Week: Hot Boys, Babies & Balls Ups


There’s nothing cuter than a bubba and a ‘baller on a less than sunny Friday, even if the bubba is dishing out some serious side-eye to his current ride. Extra kudos if you can figure out who the babe in arms is (psst: his grandaddy has just signed on to manage his current team for three more years.  Image via yfrog.

Now we’ve recovered from the jolt of joy that always strikes when confronted with a picture of a cutey pie face in the morning (the baby isn’t bad, either), we are fully prepared to launch into our weekly ‘crucial events you can’t live without’ round up. Please use it to help you through the cold, dark days of the weekend, when we don’t post.


Midweek Results: For The Win!


Approaching now from a north-easterly direction we have Flight PK01 from Barcelona. All passengers, please fasten your seatbelts, there may be some impact damage upon landing. Image: Getty Images/Zimbio.

We realise that you may be feeling the first effects of footie excitement withdrawal already. Serie A, the Bundesliga and now La Liga have all been decided, the EPL is all but Manchester United’s and as for Ligue 1… well, okay. We have no clue what the hell is going on there.

But that’s the point, y’see! With so much left to come, you don’t have time to worry about petty issues such as league matches. There’s still the small issues of the Champions League final, the FA Cup final, the Coppa Italia final, the transfer window and of course, the most important part of the football season; Footballers On Holiday!

This fact alone is worth a celebratory conga. So shimmy with us through the Midweek Results and catch up with all the news. No stragglers at the back, please.


Irina Shayk: Don’t You Know Who I Am?


Anyone else get the impression that Susan Sarandon has no clue who she is standing next to at the Cantamessa Jewels US launch?

We know you do. Boy, do we know you do.

We realise that Irina is a contentious issue for you guys, with her current squeeze being one of the most orange eligible bachelors in our stratosphere and perhaps others. And when dear Irina gets a mention here, a small percentage of our commenters take it upon themselves to launch a character assassination on the woman that’s more appropriate for war criminals.

Come on, team. Play nicely. You surely want us to keep telling you what’s going on in the madcap world of Cristiano and his squeeze? Or would you rather we abolished coverage in favour of tactical deconstructions and boot colourways?

Don’t think we won’t.