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Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Foosball tables make Lucas Neill come over all intense-like. Image: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images AsiaPac.


-  We’re still not taking sides in the Shakira/Pique relationship roundabout, but Spanish journo Javier Sarda certainly has. He added more fuel to the speculative fire by stating that the pair are more than just friends.

- David Beckham’s hooker allegations alibi? He was too busy getting a rubdown by his team’s physio in the private confines of his hotel room. Guess that’s that, then.

- Becks also sold his Porsche.

- Sometimes, there is no news. It’s not our fault.

- AC Milan’s Pippo Inzaghi and his SO, Alessia Ventura, were papped mid-spat at dinner over the weekend.

- The Associated Press had a go at Wayne Rooney’s little brother, John, and all other Englishmen frequenting the Floridian shores.

- Alex Gerrard smoked a fag; photos were taken.


- Steve Pienaar was thisclose to sealing a move from Everton to Chelsea.

- Elen Rivas, who suddenly found herself bounced from her reality TV ice skate show, didn’t mince her words as she threatened to knock Christine Bleakley down should she ever act unkind to Frank Lampard and Rivas’ two daughters.

- Sara Carbonero was at it again. And by that we mean she was making headlines for making up with C-Ron and for the potential new home she and Iker are about to purchase (in C-Ron’s neighborhood). Ain’t that some shiznit.

QOTD: Irina Shayk On SI Swimsuit Sets


Behind-the-scenes image via HotCelebsHome.com. Yeah, we know. But desperate times call for desperate, tacky measures.

“Why is closed set, are there naked beetches in here or someting?” - Irina Shayk questioning the rules and restrictions of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot.

Love her or hate her, we can’t help laugh with (and at) her.

Rumour has it that lad’s mag favourite/Italian WAG, Melissa Satta, will be the only other footballer’s girlfriend donning a bikini in this year’s annual edition. In what would be her second appearance for the special swimsuit issue, the footy world will have to scope it out for themselves once the issue hits newsstands on February 15.

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Ballon D’Or Bonanza: Messi & Mou Win Big


Images courtesy of Getty/Zimbio

T’was a cracking night for fancy penguins and the cameras who love them as football’s finest put on their gladrags to rep for FIFA’s Ballon D’Or Gala 2010 in Zurich yesterday.

As we know you already know, Lionel Messi took home the big Player of the Year prize after being shortlisted with two of his Barcelona teammates (Iniesta and Xavi). As you can see, he looked totes adorable with his skaterboy swept hair, velvet tux and bow tie. Leo was typically humble and also paid tribute to his teammates, d’aww.


Weekend Results: Unleashing The Beasts Within


Will it be Real Madrid’s soft and gentle ‘inner cow’ or Barca’s vile, upsetting ‘leopard feet of doom’ approach that triumphs in La Liga this season? We can’t wait to find out! (Getty Images/Daylife)

With France and Germany still basking in the delights of their winter break, and the EPL paused in favour of the FA Cup, the Weekend Results have a bit of a different shape about them this week. In fact, it’s ruddy mayhem.

We suggest an espresso, two brownies and an emergency hipflask be obtained before you even think about entering the fray.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Image: Facebook.


- The Ronaldo family brought the LOLz all weekend long. While Ron and his piggy posed together, Irina Shaykweight spent NYE in Vegas and CRJR was carted around by Aveiro family members who were clad in denim eye-busters and brain bleeder white boots.

- Speaking of C-Ron, his alleged baby mama allegedly wants her alleged bubba back.

- Alex Gerrard headed out to the salon via her Aston Martin to get her hair did before NYE. She wore stripes. This is now news.