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Foundation-Free Friday: Irina Shayk in ELLE Espana


Image: Elle.es.

Here’s Irina Shayk. Watch her pose sans cover-up or concealer for ELLE Espana.

Yup, it’s that kind of news day.

At last night’s Glamour awards, Ms. Shayk revealed that her top beauty secret is being in love. Of course, we’d be in love with our man’s new 20 million euro La Moraleja mansion if he had one, too.

Weekend Results: A Confession


Serie A, Ladies & Gents. Where manlove was born. (Reuters/Daylife)

Soooo, we have a small confession-ette to make. The EPL followers among you may have noticed that during Birmingham City’s 2-2 draw with West Ham on Saturday, the sprinkler system inexplicably ‘switched itself on’ (left). This resulted in some players and the referee getting wet. We would like to state that it was indeed, as some of you may have suspected, a Kickette soldier girl who twiddled with the necessary plumbing. (Getty/Daylife)

It’s true.** And we would like to reassure you that while it appeared to be a bit of a let down (limited shirt clinging), this was merely a dress rehearsal in our eternal quest for damp footballers. All we’ll say for now is that it’s El Classico in a few weeks and we’ve got our wrench.

As you were.


Cristiano Ronaldo: On Safari? Perhaps Not


Image: Nike via soccerlens.com

As we bask in the full horror** of Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘exciting’ new Nike ‘Safari’ boots, many thoughts cross our collective and extremely fashion sensitive consciousness. Would anyone be foolish enough to wear these on safari? Actually, would anyone (apart from Ronnie, that is) be foolish to enough to wear them on a football pitch? And why do they bear such an alarming resemblance to these Alaia boots (left), as spotted by one of our eagle eyed staffers on net-a-porter.com?


Champions League Results: The Excitement (& Bendy) Is Mounting


Benfica’s Javier Garcia has been reading his Kickette Manual. Chapter One: Meeting Yoann Gourcuff (Reuters/Daylife)

Like the Kickette Home Brew we’ve got festering in the broom cupboard for the Christmas party, this year’s Champions League is really starting to hot up. Please join us for a vintage round up of Match Day 4 fixtures. And if we suddenly stop posting for any reason over the next few days, bear with us. There’s some weirdy noises and smells coming from that end of the office. We’ve nominated an intern and prepared her for any eventuality. She’s going in. Bless her.


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


With a bat of an eyelash, the weekend’s over. Luckily we caught a fleeting glimpse of Owen Hargreaves to dull the Monday Morning blues. Image: Getty Images Europe.


- Carly Cole and baby Ruby sat down with – who else? – Hello! magazine to discuss details of her car hijacking.

- Schalke 04 goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer spilled the beans about Raul and his absence during a recent BNO (big night out) with the team.

- Is Victoria Beckham designing custom dresses now? Interesting to see Hollywood actress Demi Moore wearing a frock of hers that didn’t make it to VB’s runway previews this year.

- DonBalon.com is set to name the 15 hottest footballers (version 2.0; Iker won big last year) on November 9th – but early online voting shows Gerard Pique topping the charts. Kickettes, do you agree? If not, head on over to their site and rig the system!