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Vacay: Cristiano Ronaldo & His Ghost Of Christmas Future In New York


Irina is also there. Looks like she can deal with the step-mama moniker, for now.

Sidewalk Style Off: Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk


Cristiano Ronaldo left Da Silvano restaurant in NYC’s Greenwich Village after having lunch with two women – one being his current WAG. Ronaldo, who is the proud father of a new baby boy, waited until both ladies were inside of a waiting SUV until he exited the restaurant. 5 July 2010. Photo by PacificCoastNews.com via Zimbio.

Cristiano Ronaldo Irina ShaykWe’re not here for more potentially unanswered questions, Kickettes. No, this time, we demand answers.

Well…maybe we do have one nagging issue to resolve: and the baby would be where exactly?

Ok, back to fighting crimes of fashion. Which one-half of this headline-grabbing couple had the better handbag – Ronaldo and his tightly strapped Louis Vuitton fanny pack or Irina and her goes-with-everything nude Chanel shoulder satchel?

Pitter Patter: Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes A Father – UPDATED


Baby boy born in June

Image via Tumblr – but will the rightful owner please stand up and claim this beautiful piece of artwork?

We try to avoid posting rumours with no basis on fact (see the Alex Gerrard “sister” joke of a news piece), and work hard to research our stories as much as possible – see our breaking open of the completely mis-reported story on Sara Carbonero, for example. Thus, we held off on posting this until we had heard about the confirmation from Cristiano Ronaldo’s representatives.

Now that Ronaldo’s U.S. representation “confirmed by e-mail that his correspondence with fans is in fact true,” let the gossip begin!


Cristiano Ronaldo: We Need To Talk


If you look closely, Crissy’s in there. Images via Reuters via Daylife.

Dear Cris,

We’re sorry to do this publicly. We are. But we love you lustily, and since you seem to have blocked our number, we were left with no choice. Perhaps this may be the shock you need.

You see, we saw your strangely wide, heavily-gelled faux-hawk type coiff in last night’s game. And while it’s subtle enough now, we are extremely concerned that if you continue along this stiffly slicked path, your next logical career move will be try outs for the latest series of Jersey Shore.

While you would clearly fit in well, we fear for the suppliers of fake tan in the Tri-state area and their ability to cope with the sudden spike in demand. Buy some clippers, even if they’re leopard, and shave.if.off. All of it. It will change your life and ours.

Whatddya think?

Kisses and nose rubs,

Irina Shayk: Rowdy On The Red Carpet


Ronaldo WAG

We hear Barbizon offers quality classes, you know. Image taken 25 June 2010 via Getty Images.

It’s safe to say Cristiano Ronaldo’s new WAG, Irina Shayk, doesn’t go for the “proper with pantyhose in the summer” type of party poses. Are there any spare copies of “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Celebrity Red Carpets” that a selfless Kickette doesn’t mind parting with?

We’d prefer to chalk these photos up to “another day, another red carpet disaster”.  Last Friday, Shayk and her BFF Jessica White were seen hugging & kissing/holding one another as they made their way into the Lavo at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. The occasion? Jess’s 26th birthday bash.

Pardon our silver-tongued slag but Irina’s “poses” are not doing anyone any favours. She’s already beyond normal-people gorgeous and has a megawatt smile to boot, yet we can hardly take her seriously when her professional and private work seems to be carbon copies of onesies and kissy faces.

So, did these two train to be models, or do they just look like ones?