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Real Madrid: Hot Property


Sharesies please?

Much in the way we need to regularly (aka hourly) check our horoscopes in order to feel safe and secure, we also need to know what’s happening with the homes of professional footballers. Such is life.

Back in Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United days, most of his off-the-pitch antics occurred in this “offensive, brutal and insensitive” £4 million mansion in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Cristiano's UK diggsSaid crib may have had the neighbours up in arms, but C-Ron ignored their pompous protestations and carried on entertaining and being entertained regardless. Bovvered?

Of course, as soon as Cristiano made the move to Madrid, we eagerly set our Google updates for some property gossip. What part of town would he move to? Would the new place have the in-house sauna, swimming pool and “media room” he had grown accustomed to in dear old Blighty? Would there be a custom-built underground direct tunnel to Gucci?

Well, it’s taken him six months, but C-Ron’s search for the perfect pad is over. Here’s the run-down:


Lazy Links & Randoms


Nesta and bubbs
Sandro Nesta and his family have joined the Maldinis in Miami Beach. Also in Miami, Adrian Mutu. It’s a fiesta of fit in Florida, that’s fo’ sho.

David James, jedi-goalkeeping. Does this make him the right net-man for the WC?

Things you thought you didn’t need to know: Stephen Ireland has a 26-foot fish tank in his house.

What’s up with Samuel Eto’o? Apparently he owes a stack of child-support 13,000 euros worth.

Sheree Murphy’s got a new gig hosting a parenting show.

A quick property refresher on footballers who like to express themselves through architecture.

Act fast before some random gold-digger tries to get her mitts into Cristiano’s £70 million.

NandoFernando Torres hits 50 goals for Liverpool, continues his excellent bitchface campaign.

Roman Abramovich breaks out the black Amex for Chelsea.

Alessandro Del Piero sends public well-wishes to Edwin van der Sar on his website.

Quick Bits: Holiday Happenings


David Arrives in Milan

Kickettes! How are you doing? We’re upright and that’s all that counts. Hope you’ve been enjoying the post-Xmas footy – exciting stuff happening all over the table, no?

So, we’re curious: did everyone’s favorite footballer come for a personal visit to lift your spirits from the depths of hangover hell? We’ve been terribly behaved all year so it was hardly surprising Santa didn’t leave Cesc under the tree for us. Maybe next year.

Here’s what some of the footy lads/ladies have been up to during our mini-break:


Season’s Greetings: Real Madrid


Real Madrid for Xmas luncheon/children's charity

Season’s Greetings from Sweat-stains, The Undertaker and Mighty Mouse!

So, we’re thinking Cristiano may have wrapped his own present this time around as that is some shoddy workmanship right there. But you know what? We’re not even going to get at him, because he chopped the highlights. He did good.

(Btw, homie in the middle is a b-ball player.)

What are the lads up to? They were out after their traditional Christmas luncheon to visit different hospitals and give presents to children. Lovely stuff.

Random extra: watching Sergio and Guti throwing down vocals in the booth is your win-win situ of the day.

Lazy Links & Randoms


Freddie Ljungberg at EmiratesThe ever-sexy Freddie Ljungberg popped by the Arsenal game this weekend. He says the team will always be in his heart.

Shopping time! The fantabulously fabulous Studs Up launches a limited edition t-shirt. Warning: involves Pengy.

Abbey Clancy comes in second to a scary inflatable object in the Balon Rosa de Oro WAG Awards. We call fix.

Gerard Pique and Samuel Eto’o do some charity work for the Talita Foundation for children with Downs Syndrome.

Btw, anyone else hearing rumours that Pique has a new chica?

Cheryl didn’t learn her lesson from Victoria Beckham’s bald spot: extensions will mess up your hair.

Dasha Zukova and Roman Abramovich have become parents. It’s the Chelsea owner’s sixth bubba.

Giggsy wins BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year. His accent is lovely, no?

What would you do with four minutes with Landon Donovan? Yeah, we’d ask him about Becks too.

Hang on – Kasey Keller used to have hair? Get out.

Well this is just brill. And whilst we’re on the C-Ron/Sergio topic, at first glance, we thought this was a photo of the pair. Whoopsie. Sorry, ma’am.

Sheva is okay after his car crash. Whew.