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Teaser: Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano you tease

We’re going back to our roots, Kickettes.

We’ve heard your pleas and are pledging to bring you more Cristiano Ronaldo skin exposure news as opposed to burning your pupils to a fiery pulp with shots of whatsherface.

Side note: speaking of Nereida, she just went to the hairdressers. We’ve seen her apply, remove, and repeat her weave; that’s not an image we’re soon to recover from.

Iker Casillas wants it. He wants it bad. Or, he's just fooling around and we're projecting.So, after enjoying the above image of Cristiano’s thighage, we’re next going to shift our focus to uncovering his secret to attracting men. Specifically Kaka, Sergio and now, (and again), Iker.

Care to discuss? Or, alternatively, let’s just all head off to the pub. We’re so over this week.

Kaka: Golden Paper Boy



Cristiano Ronaldo may have a Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball), but his boyfriend Kaka is the proud recipient of the Marca Golden Newspaper Boy award. Wonder how many newspapers he delivered to the many residents of Madrid to take home the prize? Fascinating.

No, wait. That’s not factually correct. It’s called the “Marca Leyenda” (Marca Legend), and the newspaper gives it to their pick for the top male athlete in any sport.

Congrats, Kaka!

Speaking of the Ballon D’or – have you taken a gander at the nominees?

Which player would you like to win, and which player do you think will win?

Side note: When commenting, please remember to keep it light, gentle and as breezy as the wind in Sergio Ramos’s hair. Seriously, save the drama for your mama.

Lazy links & Randoms


Posh in leggings from her collectionVictoria Beckham has bagged a guest spot on Gossip Girl. In other VB news, her dietary “secrets” have been revealed. It’s all sushi and berries.

Cristiano spotted out with Raffaella Fico. 1. that is one unromantic looking cheek peck 2. She’s twenty-one years old? We call urgent peptide cream intervention. 3. Wait a second, we clicked and zoomed: that ain’t Raffaella. It’s his PR or someone.

Never mind. Raffaella is still getting some news by claiming that she has met C-Ron’s family, that they will get married and are planning on having kids. How lovely for her and her imagination.

Liverpool beach balls are sold out at the LFC store. ‘Pool fans, this may take a while for people to forget about.

Cesc as James Bond? Really? We don’t see it. We love him, but we don’t see it.

Robinho: his skills are jean-splitting. [via The Offside]

Can’t be bothered to do any work today? Waste time watching clips of some of the best ever World Cup teams.

We think John Terry’s brilliant hissy fit was better than Cristiano Ronaldo’s. Let’s hope JT had a nice cuppa and a hug from Lampsy afterwards.

Gabby Agbonlahor’s reunites with his mom after twenty years. Oh, and his dad is a smarty-pants science guy.

Does Gago have a new girlfriend?

The secret to World Cup qualification? Kissing. Lots of kissing.

Knicker Wars: Armani Names His New Stars


Megan Fox for FHMCristiano Ronaldo on balcony

The life of an underwear model can’t be good: subsiding on protein shakes and lettuce leaves, constantly looking over your well toned shoulder to see which hot young thing is prowling around in a g-string – not to mention the cost of laser hair removal.

Posh n Becks n undiesIt’s a sobering moment for Victoria Beckham and David Beckham – they’re being replaced as the faces of Armani Underwear by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox.

We would argue that David can certainly hold his own against Cristiano in the hot factor, but sadly, when Posh is pitted against Megan… well. Our interest would go to the hot Hollywooder.


Quote of the Year: Whatsherface and Barack Obama


We bow down to the crazy.

Image copyright Que Medices.es

“My exit was in all the world news. I am like Obama with tits… but I am ashamed of what I did to Cristiano. It was pathetic.”

Nereida Gallardo when asked if she was proud of her fame and the “thing” she did to that boy in the club.

We know we should leave it alone, but Kickettes, that has to go down as the most clinically insane, contradictory crazy, ex-wagtastically brilliant thing that has ever been said.

How can you ask us to stop writing about her? There is no quicker, cheaper way to improve your self-esteem than by looking at this photo and reading this quote of gold. Hands down, it’s the statement of the year.

Not enough? Need more positive reinforcement that your life rocks?