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Well Suited: Juventus and Real Madrid


Juventus - Presentazione divise Dsquared stagione 2009/2010

Images copyright Juventus/DSquared

Juventus will be looking spiffy this season thanks to Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared. It’s the 3rd year this label has outfitted the Juve peeps, including wardrobe managers, technical staff and players. We love the look but feel the artist’s impression below is rather unforgiving to a real footballer’s thighs, no? They need air! Give them some room.

Real Madrid are also getting their supermodel-work faces on by sporting their new designer gear courtesy of Hugo Boss. This video (via ONTD) shows Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Raul looking spiffy to camera one. Watch it numerous times over here.

DSquared for Juventus 2009/2010DSquared for Juventus 2009/10DSquared for Juventus, 2009/10

Bicep Battle: Cristiano Ronaldo v Usain Bolt


YouTube Preview Image

Marca - Cristiano and UsainWe sincerely hope you’ll take a few moments of your time to enjoy this video of Cristiano Ronaldo posturing and profiling with sprinter Usain Bolt.

They actually have a sort of bicep-off competition. As you would expect, it’s bloody brilliant.

Good Week/Bad Week: Matrimony and Man-love




Judging by the above photo, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that it’s probably a good week every week for Pato’s wife, Sthefany Brito.

Skinless chicken and broccoli
Matilda Mourinho stuck by her man through a second round of cheating rumors and avoided divorce. Silence may be golden, but being photographed in skimpy bikini whilst rockin’ a bod most 18 year-olds would be envious of is the best revenge.

The underdog
After losing his spot on the 2009 Kickette Elite XI first team, Iker Casillas is fighting back. Left off the pitch due to his lack of posing in his skanties often enough, this classically awkward yet speedo’d video is a great way to get himself reconsidered and back in the game.


Frank Lampard: Back Seat Driver


Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard leaves Cipriani Restaurant in London last night, on his way to Aspinalls casino. As you can see, he’s doing a mini-Bendtner. Cheers Blair!

Lazy Links & Randoms


Darren Fletcher's twins at Old Trafford

Darren Fletcher’s other half, Hayley, brings their gorgeous twin boys to Old Trafford for the season opener.

Marketing expert says Cristiano Ronaldo needs a wife. Nereida, don’t even think about it, luv.

This footy search/aggregator/whoseywhatsits is brilliant.

Dasha’s going to have a baby! Who’s Dasha, you ask? Shame on you.

An amusing piss-take on Nico Anelka’s autobiography. “I will not be bullied from my righteous path, I turn the other cheek – both spiritually, and if necessary, literally.” Hee.

Arsene Wenger weighs in on the European Super League possibility.

Patrice Evra: unofficial Manchester United DJ.

Juan Manuel Vargas: hottie with an itchy trigger finger. That sounds kind of gross. But we didn’t mean it that way. It’s.. oh, never mind.