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An amusing commentary on why athletes score all the hot babes. Speaking of hot babes, here’s Sylvie van der Vaart at the Germany’s Got Talent launch. She says once she’s done with chemo she hopes she can have another baby with Rafa in the future.

Well, well. Who knew Edwin van der Sar had all this going on under that jersey? We likey.

Meep. Fabio Capello issues a smack down warning to David Beckham about his WC2010 chances.

imageJudging by our poll on the left side of the site, most of you want a whatsherface embargo. Sadly, we sit on the obsessed side of the fence. However, we’re sure no one will argue with us posting this piece of artistic brilliance. Would the author please contact us? We want to have your babies.

Thoughts on Nando’s new book cover?

Daniel Jarque, captain of Espanyol has collapsed and died of a heart attack. He was just twenty-six. His family and teammates are understandably devastated. RIP, Daniel.

More sad news: one of our nearest and dearest readers MXA recently suffered the terrible loss of her father. In lieu of flowers, the family is grateful for donations to the Stroke Association or the Diabetes Foundation in support. We’re so very sorry, hon. Our thoughts are with you and the family.

QOTD: Nereida and her Devil’s Kiss



When asked by a reporter outside the nightclub if she sent Cristiano a kiss, Nereida Gallardo responds, “Yes. A devil’s kiss.”


So it’s not enough that Whatsherface is openly stalking her ex-boyfriend in a planned attack with a camera crew, she has now decided to move into the territory commonly known as bunny boiler.

We fear this is her Britney Spears head shaving moment. Or, alternatively, it’s just psychosis.

This pap video shows that Nereida was actually inside the club with Cristiano. Whilst men made respectful gestures behind her, Cristiano ignored her. He was drinking mojitos, if you need to know.

Nereida/Britney eventually left, and waited for CR outside. Her grandmother called her cell phone (whoopsie). She texted C-Ron, giggling. This was then followed by her devil’s kiss comment.

Rock Bottom: They Had To Hold Her Back


WhatsherfaceSo, it’s come to this.

Nereida Gallardo was outside a nightclub in Majorca. Her ex-boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo approaches, unaware of what lies in wait.

She pounces, and is promptly escorted off the premises by security.

Cristiano continues to walk, never breaking stride nor acknowledging her presence.

While the shame of this moment radiates across your computer/mobile screen, let’s take a moment for some gentle reflection.


Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo Makes His Debut



Image via Real Madrid/Getty Images

Soz to our .4% of heterosexual male readers for the man-flesh heaviness today, but we’re in one of those moods where only photos like this can help us survive the day. Everyone else, continue to stare at the photo. Haters, keep the “glad his face is covered” jokes for another day.

As everyone knows, Cristiano Ronaldo had his Real Madrid unveiling yesterday. It was a small, private affair with 80,000 of his closest friends and family.

We have yet to get confirmation on whether whatsherface attempted to scale a fence or break her restraining order so she could remain fresh in our hearts, minds and camera lenses.

Oh, no wait. She went. She posed with randoms in photographs. Apparently, she was also at his medical. Cristiano, you may have bitten off more than you can chew with this one, honey. Don’t think even H1N1 would be able to stop this chica.

Regardless, the spectacle in Madrid for Cristiano’s official presentation was both insane and impressive. We’re looking forward to seeing how C-Ron makes his place in Spain.

QOTD: Cristiano Ronaldo on Anger Management



“When my mother is involved, then I’m sorry but I don’t let anyone, I repeat anyone, harass her… I regret what I did, but I can’t promise that I would not react in the same way again, because when my mother, [Dolores], is involved it is difficult for me to keep a calm state of mind.“

Cristiano explains why he kicked in the car window of a girl filming him and his mother on their way to an Elton John concert in Lisbon.

Conflicting reports have the girl as a paparazzi and/or a fan girl.

In other completely related un-related news, Cristiano’s ex, Nereida Gallardo is continuing her never-ending, life-long media tour of famewhoring without clothes, and recently said that if Dolores doesn’t like you, you’ve got no chance of a relationship with Cristiano. (link NSFW).

No shite, Sherlock.

Link: Cristiano Ronaldo Rages