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Midweek Mmm: Cristiano Ronaldo



We’re mid-way through the week, Kickettes. Rejoice. Celebrate. The weekend is closer than it was two days ago.

To help you relax on this lovely Wednesday, please enjoy Cristiano Ronaldo’s well-displayed muscular groupings. Sure, his love life choices make us itch, his public rub downs make some uncomfortable and he matches his Gucci belt, shoes and manbag to his Gucci hummer, but like we’ve always said, the bod is second to none.

We can’t even hate on the short-shorts. Because really, if you were a multi-gazillionaire footballer with crazy talent and a body like this, would you even be wearing clothes? We’d just be using skanks and trollops as our outerwear.

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Images via Four Four Two Australia

imageThe Aussie boys were out in full force last night at the Australian Football Awards. Winners included Socceroo keeper Mark Schwarzer, Tim Cahill, and Kickette-fav Nikita Rukayvytsa (as the best Under 23 player.) No word on why Harry Kewell has aged 40 years or which retail outlet hates Tim Cahill.

Need some nekkids for your Friday? Here’s Barcalona’s Eric Abidal sans shirt avec moisture and Tottenham (duh!) West Ham’s Carlton Cole in full monty mode.

How Cristiano’s transfer will affect the retail market. Or not.

Donate $5 to Steve Nash’s Football for Good charity and you can win an all-expenses paid trip to NYC to watch this year’s Showdown in Chinatown game on June 24. Last year, Thierry Henry and Salomon Kalou were there making nice for the fans and the cameras.

Elen Rives’s rebound gets his skank on in Las Vegas.

Carly Zucker reveals her body beautiful secret: Bikram yoga. Best bring the anti-frizz products.

Thanks Sarah!

Embargo: Cristiano and Bigfoot


imageSorry, Kickettes. If you’ve come to read about Cristiano Ronaldo hooking up with Paris “My feet are canoes” Hilton, it’s not going to happen. We will not accept her in the WAG-club.

We can’t do it. We. Simply. Will Not. Do. It. There’s more chance of us calling Selfridges and telling them they’re ugly and their mother dresses them funny.

Of course, for those who wish to indulge, here are some relevant links:

Photos of the said encounter in the club;

Video of the “morning after” walk of shame and possible herpes infection; and

Reasons why Real Madrid should be worried.

FYI, Paris has tried it on with unsuccessfully with several pro footballers in the past. Including C-Ron a year ago in L.A.

Now let us never speak of this again.


Cristiano Ronaldo: The 80 Million Pound Man



Cristiano Ronaldo outside Villa nightclub in Los Angeles. June 10, 2009.

Here he is, all 80 millions worth of Real Madrid purchase power. He does have a stain on his jeans, thanks for noticing.

Goodbye, Cristiano! We’ll miss your incredible talent in the Premier League. It will be strange to not have him line up with the Red Devils at the start of the season, no?

We are looking forward to the style battle between C-Ron and Sergio Ramos in Madrid. Potentially that could provide us with 40 photos a week of fashion Eurotrash goodness.

We’re also curious to see what Man Utd will do with that kind of wonga.  Hopefully they’ll put it to good use: investing in new invisible uniform technology is our recommendation.

Your thoughts on the move? We’re sure everyone is glad the back and forth, will he/won’t he is over, but is this a good move for Cristiano? For Real Madrid? For football?

Lazy Links & Randoms


Nereida Gallardo was at the Champions League final game! She’s still relevant! Honest! She posted this on her facebook account so that everyone would know! She’s still got it! Whoo!

Totti in wax. Well, that’s not nearly as sexy as it could have been.

…The Continental is back home safe and sound, with Timitar and a release form for you to sign.

Lots of pics of the Italian NT.

Yikes. Cristiano Ronaldo is injured and has pulled out of the Portugal game tomorrow. It’s something to do with his groin. Which one of you Kickettes is to blame for this, hmmm?

Oh, no wait. He and his groin are recovering in Los Angeles. Break out the baby oil!

imageChristian Chivu (Inter), his gorgeous wife Adelina and ridiculously gorgeous baby Natalia headed to church for her baptism.

Need to know more about Zinedine Zidane’s male pattern baldness? Now you can![Via The Offside]

So, this chica says she’s dating Macheda. However, according to this interview, Kiko says he’s not dating anyone famous, nor British and is engaged to a nice girl. Oh, to be 17 again and engaged, dating, and single at the same time.

The Spoiler‘s favourite WAG, Nives Celzius reveals what it’s like to sleep with a footballer. You know you’re going to click the link. We won’t judge.