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Bank Holiday Torsos: C-Ron



Kickettes, we’re taking the rest of the bank holiday off and we plan on spending the entire day horizontal and intoxicated. You?

If you need more of a footie fix, please help yourself to the new community area where a bevvy of   dedicated Kickettes are uploading sexy photos of their favourite players at an alarming rate, discussing upcoming games and hoping we sort out the various community bugs by the end of the century.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Rock On


Cristiano Ronaldo was papped coming out of the Lowry hotel yesterday morning working the rock-star-bunny-ears hand sign.


image courtesy of EMPICS/KEYSTONE Press

A question for the C-Ron appreciators out there: does the ride up of the shirt and that one inch of perfectly toned edible torso-flesh give you the tizzies? Are we the only ones who find that accidental flash of skin almost as sexy as seeing the whole thing?

Wait. Upon reflection and several minutes spent reviewing the whole thing, we take that back. But you see our point, yes?

Side note: Apparently, Cristiano headed to the Circa club with Nani on Sunday night, which is why he wasn’t present at the casino shindig with the rest of the crew.  Interestingly, Whatsherface was not in attendance. We have yet to confirm a location or sighting.  Perhaps she was working.

WAG Watch: Whatsherface at Work


YouTube Preview Image

For those who have any interest (we’re guessing possibly three, maybe four of our heterosexual male readers), here’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s g/f working it out in a bikini contest. 

C-Ron loving Kickettes, it’s a pain that never ends, yes?

thx LL!

The Monday Mmm: Lucas Neill and Cristiano Ronaldo



Mmm. Angry gesticulating, posturing ballers. Now with extra testosterone.

WAG Watch: Nereida Gallardo, Still Here



Yup, she’s still around.

Since we have nothing better to do, let’s all enjoy these flashback photos from the past, when life as a bikini model was sunny, red, and denim-clad for whatsherface. 

As is being reported by the Daily Mail – but was spotted by our eagle eyed Kickettes ages ago – Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Nereida has been seen wearing specially designed earrings that say “R7” in diamonds or possibly cubic zirconia, depending on her preference.  She’s flaunting it, Kickettes. She’s taunting us with her C-Ron situ.  That’s just rude.

Also, who the hell wears earrings with your man’s deets on them? Isn’t that a tad stalkerish and/or teenybopper?

In other news of the-woman-that-causes-so-many-of-our-readers-severe- and-mind-numbing-pain, she’s cut her hair into a bob. Before you rush to judge that she is attempting to class it up, have no fear: the tight tops and cleavage remain. All is as it should be.