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QOTD: Cristiano Ronaldo on Stodge


“I dated a girl from Manchester and she showed me that steak pies and chips are very good. But I have to be careful. the club do not want me to eat too much of this food as it would not be good for my game. They have told me they do not want me gaining any extra weight.“

Want to meet Cristiano while he’s still got his six-pack?  Pan Macmillan are running a comp where you can meet Mr. R at Old Trafford.  We’re speed spamming the link now as our new full-time job. 

Link: Meet Cristiano Ronaldo

Thanks to Cherie/Who Ate All The Pies for the quote.

Quote of The Day: Gemma Atkinson on C-Ron



“I did go out with Cristiano, but it all ended when he was caught sh*gging prostitutes. 

He didn’t dump me but I didn’t dump him – it just sort of ended.

And now I’m seeing someone else, who is semi-famous.”


“I’ve got fake hair and fake boobs but am very proud of my real teeth.”

Cristiano Ronaldo and his Mattress


Oh, nums.

Thank God footie players get paid such small wages that they have to pimp themselves out for products and services.

In this case, we are worshiping at the altar of the Portuguese bank, BES, and their new commercial with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Throughout the spot, C-Ron breaks down his philosphy for us, whilst laying on a bed:

“If I didn’t move;
If I didn’t run;
If I didn’t train;
If I didn’t apply myself to the fullest;
If I didn’t leave the mattress…
I wouldn’t deliver.“

Hope that makes you want to open a chequing account. Not us.  We’re off to buy a new box spring.

Watch it here: Cristiano Ronaldo BES advert

Thanks Carly!

Quote of The Day: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Face


image: polfoto

“It’s not a problem… In four or five days I will be beautiful once again.“

Cristiano Ronaldo assures the world that his face, and his ego will be in tact after a clash with Roma’s Mirko Vucinic left him with 5 stitches above his eye.

We bloody well hope so, love.

Link: I’ll Be Beautiful Again Soon

Freeness: Win Cristiano Ronaldo’s Moments


UPDATE: Winner has been notified.

Cristiano Ronaldo non-fans, look away now.

Those of you who appreciate, as you were.

Cristiano has a slick coffee table style book coming out on the 5th of October, called Moments. It’s a photo-based first person account of his childhood, training, career highs and hopes for the future.  The cover features a watered-down C-Ron three-quarter profile shot in black and white, and the book is chock filled with pics of him at home, chilling with the fams, scoring goals and traveling the world. 

We got ourselves an advance copy last week and trust us, it’s 176 pages of thightastic goodness.

imageAs well as the pics, there’s a fair bit of info to catch up on: Cristiano goes into detail about the moment he signed with Man U, talks about his serious hate of cigarettes and smoking (big points there) and his relationship with Wayne Rooney after the World Cup wink. 

“But to tell the truth, it did me some good.  With this I grew wiser and it ended up by turning a problem into something that helped me to mature as a man and a football player…Rooney is a good friend, by whose side it is a pleasure and an honour to play.“

imageTo win a copy of Moments, drop us an email at cristianocomp (at) kickette.com with the answer to this question:

What national team does Cristiano play for?

We’ve also got a 20% discount hookup for our readers – if you order Moment’s from Pan Macmillan directly and quote the code ‘CR7’, you can get your discounted Cristiano on. Click here, go forth, and get discounted! 

The Win Cristiano Ronaldo’s Moments competition closes on Oct 15; winner will be chosen at random.  The discount code for online purchase is valid from 5th October – 30 November 2007.


photos courtesy of pan macmillan