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Raffaella Fico: Balotelli Does It Better


virgin C-Ron Cristiano Ronaldo ex fling hook up

Her rumoured former fling once supposedly spoke of his super sized sexual adventures, so it was only a matter of slow-news time until Raffaella Fico (Mario Balotelli’s current girlfriend) spoke out about her own partner preferences.

City star fireworks house strip club fineLa Gazzetta dello Sport originally reports:

“Apart from Balotelli, I’ve only been with Cristiano Ronaldo. And I can assure you that Mario is much better.”

It’s not clear if Miss Fico meant as a player, person, lover or mini-bike rider, but it’s good to know skanking it up still pays dividends.

Speaking of C-Ron, gossip mongers were speculating about the party being over for he and Irina last week, which was silly given the fancy schmancy scarf Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was wearing around his daddy’s girlfriend at Sunday’s Real Madrid v Espanyol match. Kid’s showing early signs of actual style, Kickettes, and that to us is the most impressive news of all.

Real Madrid: Coming To A Shower Near You


YouTube Preview Image

Now all your Cristiano and/or Iker shower fantasies can come true.

Well, almost.


Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


“I love underwear…it’s as simple as that” — David Beckham.

You know those women who can juggle ten things at once?

That’s not us.


Irina Shayk: Fingerless Gloves Are Good For Something


Images: Replay Jeans.

We’ve been slow to post on the pics doing the rounds of Irina Shayk’s Autumn/Winter campaign for Replay Jeans. Reason being we’re conflicted.

Yes, Irina’s topless. We can obviously see that. But she’s also wearing fingerless gloves in various colours and textures.

We normally understand these fash-hazards to have no real purpose other than to protect the palms of wannabes falling down nightclub stairs, but once again, we’ve been shown that we don’t know squat about anything. We think we do, but we do not.

As Cristiano’s girlfriend skillfully demonstrates, fingerless gloves are great breast warmers. In the off chance that one’s shirt, scarf or jacket are nowhere to be found, of course.

Kickettes, should we employ these uniquely versatile accessories for our next Friday night outing, or fight them until we break a pinky nail? Please do advise.

Ballon d’Or 2012: Where Is The Love?


It’s right here, with Zinedine Zidane and Pele. Image: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images.

Lionel Messi took home the coveted FIFA Ballon d’Or trophy Monday evening, staving off tough competition from Barcelona teammate, Xavi Hernandez, and Real Madrid rival, Cristiano Ronaldo (who was a no-show since his squad is set to do battle with Malaga in the Copa Del Ray today). As we raise our mugs of tea in a congratulatory salute to the talismanic mini-man, we’d also like to divert your attention to the real news at hand here:

There was a whole ‘lotta fashion uglyitis going on in Zurich last night. It was, perhaps, the craziest parade of clothes and coifs we’ve ever seen at a football awards gala.

We loathe ourselves every time we have something negative to say about somebody, but we’ve got a few things to get off our perky chests. We suspect the disagreeable gauntlet is ahead of us, so here goes nothing.