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Kickette Catch Up: Your Holiday Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Bojan Krkic was all but mauled by a Kickette Soldier girl at his book signing last week.

We’re beyond proud.


Mesut Özil: GQMF Bambi


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via ciacha.

Clown shoes-gate. That’s what happened last time Mesut got his model on. So when news of behind-the-scenes footage of a GQ Germany shoot broke this morning, we picked up our hipflasks lattes and morning croissants and headed to our safe viewing spot. That dark sinister space on the other side of the sofa.

Luckily, some of team-mate Cristiano’s modelling experience seems to have rubbed off on the doe-eyed one, and while he remains fully clothed at all times (boo!) he still looks super hot in these scenes. No frightening footwear, no migraines and no threats of nuclear attack necessary.

We’re so relieved we might have to skive off work this afternoon to celebrate.

Irina Shayk & Victoria Beckham: WAGs In Mags & Red


ELLE magazine scored themselves a brace of WAGs to help them finish out the 2011 calendar in top form. At left, one shot of Cristiano’s girlfriend from this month’s Spanish version of the famed glossy, and to her right we have Victoria Beckham, who kicks off the US edition’s new year come January. Read More: Irina Shayk & Victoria Beckham in ELLE.


EURO 2012: An Accommodations Overview, Portugal NT


Contrary to appearances, this bath was not designed by Stephen Ireland. Image: REUTERS/Piotr Skornicki/Agencja Gazeta.

With the UEFA EURO 2012 draw less than 24 hours away, our limited attention spans have gravitated towards teams’ accommodations. Where will our favourite ‘ballers be holed up during the tourney? Will the management take personal tastes into consideration whilst selecting a hotel or will they only be mindful of relaxation and seclusion from the imminent hysteria? Moreover, how boring will it all be?

We’ll be examining several of the posh pads that the rich and WAGalicious will be occupying this summer at random, beginning today with the Remes hotel in Opalencia, Poland. Google Map this location, Kickettes, because the Remes will be housing the Portuguese NT throughout the tournament.

Join us as we have a nose around the place, offering our own opinions about the decor along the way, obviously.


ATP Tour Finals: Fascinated Footballers & Police Frisking


Er… Crissy? You wouldn’t be checking yourself out on the stadium JumboTron like we were, huh? Image: Julian Finney/Getty Images.

We are to tennis what hats are to Ladies’ Day at Grand National. As a matter of fact, we’re thinking of upping our court side attendance at more matches in the near future – especially at the ones that take place in Madrid and London.

Don’t get the wrong idea here, Kickettes. We would never consider attending any kind of event just because we might so happen to bump into some hot and famous footballers. No, that would be too pathetically contrived even for us.

We just like tennis, okay?