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Irina Shayk: Artsy Assets


Image Credit: EA Games.

Irina Shayk and her likeness (above, which will appear in the upcoming video game Need for Speed: The Run) have been all sorts of bizzay with an abundance of projects lately, and now they both can add ‘book muse’ to their repertoires (sort of).

Shayk is supposedly not only the cover model of Raphael Mazzucco’s coffee table meme, but also a main feature of “Culo by Mazzucco.” Celebrating women’s bottoms (probably not the most average of kinds, of course), many well known names have lent their assets to the project, including Pamela Anderson, Fergie and former C-Ron fling, Paris Hilton.

After watching the teaser video, our HQ is split on whether or not we’d allow Shayk’s nude bottom to grace our coffee tables. Would you, Kickettes?

Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk: When Bad Fashion Happens To Rich People


Ronaldo league scoring record awards La Liga

Oh Cristiano, how we had faith in you, hon. Perhaps in hindsight, it was all about intoxication wishful thinking.

Spotted moving his metallic feet and poorly-tailored jeans down the Marca red carpet last night, CR (plus his manager) was on hand to accept the Pichichi award for being La Liga’s highest scorer last season. He rode solo to the ceremony since his girlfriend, Irina, was busying wedding dress shopping in New York City yesterday afternoon.

For her best friend, sillies, not herself!

Ronaldo and Shayk showed their support for one another in spirit as they co-coordinated their his & hers Gucci belts. How quaint.

In our experience, the only way both halves of one couple can look this gaudy is with a helluva lotta money and style advice from Mama Dolores. Please explain if you’ve had different firsthand accounts, Kickettes.

CL Preview: Declarations Of Debauchery


Image Credit: AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Paul White.

Since we’re about to embark on another week’s worth of UCL action, the ever aggro Mikel Arteta implores you to put your money where your mouths are and make your match predictions.

We’ll go first: someone will score, Mario Gomez’s hair will continue to suck, Manchester United’s second string will win and we’ll be the last ones to leave the pub.

Oh and before we let you all do your thing – Cristiano’s stank face sends his best. If that’s not a match-winning attitude, we don’t know what is.

Midweek Results: Champions League Chuntering


How could you, Frank? After all we’ve been through? Apparently, Michael feels that his ‘special’ relationship with Chelsea deserves better than a 2-0 defeat. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

A few choice moments from the latest Champions League fixtures for your perusal, Kickettes.


Real Madrid: So Far, So Good?


Not to worry – Cris is a pro at managing these kinds of situations. Image Credit: Tomislav Kristo / Cropix.

Real Madrid have not exactly had it easy since landing in Zagreb ahead of their Champions League tie with Dinamo Zagreb. First, was their airport arrival, which is normally a seriously suited and festive occasion. For us and you only, natch.

Instead of the usual ‘IKER WILL YOU HAVE MY BABIEZ’ fanfare the team receives upon disembarking from their private jet, it was relatively quiet in the airport with only a small circle of males in cartoon t-shirts to sign autographs for. Mourinho was the only person to be cheered (as he should). Not that either are terrible incidents, but it probably wasn’t the most optimal male to female conditions the single first teamers would’ve like to see.

Sidenote: while we’re on the subject of unattached ‘ballers, wouldn’t it just be dandy if all the footballers who fly solo were forced to wear special jock straps that emit light and/or signals that only single women could see? Anyone else smell a multi-million pound idea bubbling over? And are there any readers out there who happen to double as venture capitalists?