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Good Week/Bad Week: Trousers & Tattoos


Now you have had your fill of merriment at our photoshop frolicking, catch up on the best and worst in the footballing world this week. **

**If you weren’t planning to ‘Read More’ we suggest you rethink your stance. There is a video after the jump involving Lionel Messi, an airport and a pair of collapsing trousers that any Kickette worth their salt can’t afford to miss.


Midweek Friendlies: Assertive Ab Adventures


Image courtesy of Kickette reader NK. Thanks!

You see the image above? This picture of Danny Agger and his abs was taken by a Kickette Soldier Girl present at the Denmark vs. England game last night. There were other photos, but unfortunately our gal’s next move was to leap the hoardings and race towards Danny, brandishing a bottle of tanning oil and a copy of ‘Tattoo Monthly’ and she was brought down by five burly security men before any contact could be made.  Her camera was damaged in the melee, as well as Danny’s shorts and a couple of innocent bystanders suffered facial scratching.


Breaking Trouser-Tearing News: Nicklas Bendtner & Caroline Fleming Call It Quits?


Image: seoghoer.dk via Thomas Laursen. Thx for the tip, Elsebeth & NK!

UPDATE: Danish paper, Ekstra Bladet, approached Nicklas’ manager (aka his father) for a quote, to which he offered a generic, ‘No comment’. The publication then requested to speak with the footballer himself, with Grandpa B. saying, ‘No, he has a game in an hour. And he doesn’t have any comments to this story either!’

We still aren’t sure how definitive the couple’s break up is – if at all – but judging on Dad’s reaction, could there be trouble in paradise? We’ll continue to follow this developing story and provide our Kickettes with all the irrelevant pieces of (non)information that we can.


Everybody’s favourite jewellery dreamer and his Baroness have already called time on their whirlwind romance – which included their on-camera lovematch, followed by a swift move to London and baby boy born shortly after their one year anniversary. With a 13 year age gap between the two, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

As of now, Danish media reports say that Caroline plans to fight Nicky B. for full custody of their teensy weensy, bubble-jacket encased son, and that she’s asking for some of his moola. Again, no shocker there.

Nicklas Bendtner: Jewellery Boy-Dream


We’re not the only one’s who’ve noticed the firm, peachy tautness that is Cescy’s bum, y’know. Image: via Twitter. Thanks Nathalia!

For those of you used to seeing Nicklas Bendtner attempting to flash his crown jewels at every passing camera, the news that he is expanding his empire with a foray into jewellery making will be no great surprise.


‘Baller Soap Operas: Nicklas Bendtner, Caroline Fleming & Rory Fleming


Caroline separated from husbandArsenal striker new father

Please, we implore you, click, enlarge and print off these handy reference cards.

The behind the scenes story of Caroline Fleming and Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner’s romantic rendezvous is a big ‘ole mess. Because the Baroness hasn’t legally divorced her first husband, Rory Fleming, media speculation is rife about the various implications said in-limbo marriage will have on her newborn son with Bendtner.

For example?

Although Caroline Fleming knows her child’s biological father is Nicky “No Pants,” Bendtner there’s a possibility that he will not be legally recognised as the father of the child.

You know that’s some messed up ish.

But wait – there’s definitely more.  And, to streamline the story line, we’re giving all of you a 3-card head start to building an official Kickette Love Triangle Trading Card Catalogue.

C’mon, all the cool kids are doing it.