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Survival Of The Hottest: Jannick Bendtner


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Young Nicky Bendtner’s tendency to remove his trousers at any opportunity (including in a ditch after a car crash, in a hotel lobby and even outside popular London drinking venues) has led us to believe there might be a little eccentricity in the Bendtner family.

Therefore, we were quite excited when we learned from our friends at ONTD that there was a Bendy Jr. Would Jannick Bendtner, karate champion and genetically blessed baby brother offer us the same bottom admiring opportunities as his elder sibling?


The Sizzle Query: Musings On Manlove



Denmark’s Simon Kjaer & Thomas Sorensen get close. (AP Photo/Daylife)

What is it about the presence of grass, bits of wood and inflated spheres that allow men to throw off the usual trappings of masculinity and snog each others faces off? Where else (apart from in bars at 2am after too much jagerbombing) are such expressions of happiness and joy accepted without comment or insinuation?

Oh, football is a wonderful place, no?


Euro 2012 Qualifier Results


Sergio kisses it better? In our world, yes.

We’d like to say that the above photo is indicative of the international spirit of football and manlove characterising last night’s Euro 2012 qualifiers. And while Spain vs. Scotland was nearly a triumph of David and Goliath proportions, like the photo, the truth is somewhat different. There was little successful football played and the manlove was pretty thin on the ground too. Still, with true Kickette spirit, we soldier on. Pfffththhh.


Weekend Results: Euro 2012 Qualifiers


Kickettes! Pay attention! Taking into account last Friday’s homework assignment, we realise there’s a distinct possibility that many of you will be inhabiting Kickette Island in your head for the foreseeable future and not concentrating on important business matters. We more than anyone understand the lure, so have decided to ease you into a new (and busy) footie week with a round up of the essential Euro 2012 qualifier results.

This way, upon arrival at work you can pretend you have spent a productive weekend following the action, and not constructing elaborate fantasies involving sand and hairbraiding. You’re welcome!


Nicklas Bendtner: Layered In London


In case you didn’t know, dear readers, Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner is a man with many layers. Single dimension persona he is not.

- There’s the familiar (and often referenced round these parts) “pantsless” layer;
- The “he’s so damn heighty and we love it” layer; and
- The all-important “dating a Baroness and having a baby” layer.

We’re now pleased to add a new, good old-fashioned, “looking bad ass with full street swagger whilst walking in Chelsea” layer. (You’ll be familiar with one of our favourites for this layer, Frank Lampard.)

If only we could get Bendy to the “Removing Kickette restraining orders” layer, all would be as it should be. Here’s hoping.