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Dressed At Gunpoint: Irina Shayk


Posing on the street in front of a food truck is exactly what this outfit deserves.

Remember when Abbey Crouch wore this look last week and did it better?


Marcel Schmelzer: Embarrassing Disco Moment


Image: REUTERS/Ina Fassbender.

Marcel was hoping like hell no one saw him after his “Flashdance – The Musical” rehearsal until he managed to slip out of his costume.

Sadly for him, they did.

Luis Figo: Ludicrous Legwear


Figo’s poor distraction ploy was doomed from the start. Images: DESIREE MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images.

Terrifying trousers on hot footballers is something we’ve had to get used to in our time, but Luis Figo has confounded us with his late, spectacular entry to the hall of shame. The former Real Madrid, Barcelona and Portugal international sported these spotty monstrosities whilst playing in the Abama Pro-Am Golf Tournament last week, and while golf trousers are notoriously heinous, we’re positive that not even serial style offender Ian Poulter would have gone near these things with a nine-iron.

Guti was also at the tournament, but compared to Figo, he was appropriately dressed for the gentlemanly occasion. Apart from his mad guru beard, he looked quite respectable actually.

It isn’t often we get to say that, now is it?

Style Files: Alex Gerrard & Claudine Keane


Alex Gerrard clothes WAG fashion style shoppingSteven Gerrard's wife out and about Liverpool WAG style clothing shopaholicSome of our favourite trend mongers were out and about last Thursday, with Alex Gerrard turning unfashionable street tricks as a poster girl for Isabel Marant at brunch in the midmorning. Her topnecklacebracelets, and horrific trainers were all courtesy of the French designer, which leads us to believe she got a Net-a-Porter gift card for Christmas and, being the fashion sheep that she is, went hog wild with whatever Vogue told her was popular.

But really, those trainers? We know they’re sold out from here to Timbuktu and every fashion editor is in a tizzy over them, but if they can make Alex Gerrard’s phenomenal legs look like sausages then they’re a life threatening problem.


Man City: Hat Heads


Hmm. Apparently we’re not the only ones confused by Mario missing a nailed-on opportunity to roll out the chicken hat. Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe.

Despite being voted the second best dressed man in Britain by GQ readers, you know that Mario Balotelli is our go-to guy for ‘Dressed At Gunpoint’ posts. So when planning a Manchester City-staff-in-bad-hats post this morning (yes, really), it was obvious that Super Mario would be a shoo-in for the win.

A disappointment for us then. But it’s good to see that his colleagues have gone to so much trouble to make up for his oversight.

Who wears the woolly warmer the worst, peeps?