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Kickette Body Language: Studying The Seven Deadly Sins


‘Yeah, so I was saying that according to Sartre, that park bench is merely a construct and doesn’t really exist.’ Image: Reuters/Daylife.

Philosophy is one of our favourite subjects at Kickette HQ. At any given moment, you’ll find us browsing the works of Dante, Albert Camus and Joey Barton, which are all conveniently situated next to the coffee maker.

We also watched the movie ‘Seven’ the other day and have been looking for an excuse to shoehorn the deadly sins into the world of football. Yay us!


‘Ballers & Books: Which One Would You Fan The Flames For?


Theo Walcott smiled through the pain, but even he was beginning to realise that Arsene Wenger’s youth policy was getting way out of control. Image: Jan Kruger/Getty Images Europe.

If all the world’s literature were set on fiyah, which of the following footballers’ books would you attempt to save?

A) Gary Neville’s autobiography, ‘Red’, which The Sun is taking partial credit for due to its never-ending England national team gossip contributions.

B) Philipp Lahm’s equally tantalising criticisms of his former Bayern Munich coach/the current USMNT manager, Jurgen Klinsmann, which can be found in his new autobiography, ‘Der feine Unterschied – Wie man heute Spitzenfussballer wird’ (‘The fine Line – How to Become A Top Professional’)

C) Theo Walcott’s hardcover, ‘Growing Up Fast’. Although we have no inside knowledge of what this story is about, we have high hopes for the middle pictorial insert that (fingers crossed) features lots of baby Theo imagery and very little copy.

Peter Crouch: Trimmed For Tottenham


Yeah, if you could just run a few highlights through it, that would be perfect. Image: Oli Scarff/Getty Images/Daylife.

For several people in the area, the recent riots in London and beyond were significantly more than a news item. Many Londoners lost homes, businesses and livelihoods during the social unrest, and thousands of residents who don’t feel the need to express themselves by breaking windows in chicken shops and stealing shoes have organised groups and fundraisers to help with the rebuild.


Friendly Fire: England vs. Holland Postponed


Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe/Zimbio

The England NT friendly vs. Holland that was scheduled to take place at Wembley Stadium tomorrow has been postponed due to the sporadic rioting that has paralysed England’s capital over the last couple of days.

This might be disappointing, but like many people, we are devastated to see our beloved London burning and would support any action that will free up policing to bring the situation under control. Rio Ferdinand, who was born and brought up in Peckham (one of the areas affected by the unrest), has tweeted his support for the postponement and also his distress at the scenes being played out on UK media outlets. His Manchester United team mate Wayne Rooney also expressed bewilderment and pleaded for calm.

Whether their words will have any effect, we don’t know, but if you are based in London and want to do something to help or just cheer yourself up, check out #riotcleanup on Twitter.

Normal service will be resumed shortly. In the meantime, why not tell us what you think?

Paul Scholes Testimonial: The Stars Come Out


Paul Scholes. Not just a fan’s favourite, judging by the star studded cast lining up to play in his testimonial. Image: Reuters/Daylife

Last night, during Manchester United’s 7-0 tonking of Seattle Sounders, the The New York Cosmos released their roster of footballers who will be gracing the Old Trafford pitch for Paul Scholes’ upcoming testimonial.

The big news? Well, details are sketchy, but we have identified the following things that you might want to keep an eye out for:

- Fabio Cannavaro and Patrick Vieira’s triumphantly quick returns to the pitch.
- The long and short of Robbie Keane.
- Googling players like Moriken Sangary to discover what they’re working with prior to the match.

Full squad list after the jump, peeps. Soz, we know, it’s one extra step, but nothing worth having comes without effort.