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The Finest Five 6.0: The Big Reveal


AS Roma players on Facebook

Marco Borriello can barely contain his excitement. Philippe Mexes’ missed-our-list consolation prize is the latest pout-plumping lipgloss from Boots.

You lot might be thrilled and excited about today’s reveal of the new Kickette F5 list, but we can assure you that our comments moderator is not. It’s taken us several weeks to rescue her from beneath the mountain of mail received on the matter and it’s very possible she may not ever recover and/or want to work with us again.

You should take pity on her and send flowers to the Mayhem & Fruit Beverage Suite, where she’s still holed up enjoying her quietly calm surroundings before bearing the brunt of the oncoming opinionated-readers storm.


Weekend Results: From Egregious To Electrifying


A picture of a hot, victorious goalkeeper holding a small child would normally be a shoo-in for the lead in a results post. We see no reason to deviate from this policy just because Hope Solo happens to be a woman. Image: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images/Daylife.

Please make your way through the results post with caution. We wouldn’t want you to drift off to your happy place during our coverage of the Copa America, only to spill your morning beverage in your lap when you read the Women’s World Cup reports.

A lapful of coffee is a tough look to pull off, even for an experienced Kickette.


Good Week/Bad Week: Quidditch & Quiffs


Theo Walcott & Melanie Slade. Happy to consort with Muggles, apparently. See more of Mel’s red carpet look by having a squizz at our Style Files. Images: Getty Images/Daylife.

Fine literature and sweet music accompany your snuffle into the week’s news today, Kickettes. We ask that you extinguish all flammable objects and keep laughter and criticism to a dull roar. Thank you.


Midweek Results, Pt I: Women & Wonder Goals


Goalkeepers, be warned. Stay on your line when England’s Ellen White is around. Image: Reuters/Daylife

Right. Before you lot start having panic attacks that we’ve got distracted by a passing cake lorry and forgotten to cover the Copa America again, fear not. Today we shall supply you with not one, but two Midweek Results posts; one covering the Women’s World Cup (this one) and one covering the Copa America (hitting your screens later).

We know. Sometimes our diligence and attention to detail is frightening.


Weekend Results: A Declaration of Intent


Roque! We missed you, baby! Image: REUTERS/Jorge Adorno/Daylife

For some, Independence Day is an opportunity to contemplate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and it’s implications for citizens of the globe. For Kickette staff, it is an opportunity to not do any work. All day. You might think this is sheer laziness, but actually is requires quite a lot of strategic planning; we have to constantly ensure we are in an area with no wifi, broadband or cell signal, in case our Editor changes her mind and tries to round us up.

You have Weekend Results, featuring the highlights of both the Copa America and the Women’s World Cup. Treasure them. We’re not sure if anything else (apart from empty bottles) will make it out of here today.