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The Sizzle Query: Men In Make-Up


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Guyliner: what’s your take on Adrian Mutu’s inner-eye rim job?

We might encourage the impression that we’re hardened harridans who, when not falling-over-drunk, can usually be  found criticising some poor individual’s dress sense, but we are actually quite tolerant. Quite frankly, we don’t care whether you’re male or female, play for Real Madrid or Rotherham United, as long as you rock an individual style and look sexy while doing it, we don’t give a crap.

See, not as shallow as you thought, huh?


Pitter Patter: Alex & Steven Gerrard


Since our record at reporting impending births has recently been confirmed as ‘spectacularly bad’, we thought we’d skip our morning muffin to bring you this breaking baby news.

According to reports, Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard and his wife Alex are expecting their third baby. Alex is ‘more than three months’ preggo, so we could be looking at a brother or sister (the couple don’t want to know the sex, but are apparently hoping for a boy) for Lexie and Lilly-Ella in November time.

Congrats to the family Gerrard, who are reportedly ‘much closer’ since they found out. Which is kind of obvious. Since he put a baby inside her. Hee.

Vintage Stevie & his girls image: AP Photo/Daylife

Andy Carroll: Sizeable Short-Tent Or Inflatable Facade?


Image source: LiverpoolFC.TV. Thx Erin!

Midweek Results: Confusion Abounds


Asamoah Gyan & Derek Boeteng of Ghana share a tender moment during a friendly (ish) 1-1 draw with England at Wembley. Image: Reuters/Daylife

If our confusion over which games were friendlies and which meaningful at the weekend was bad, imagine our horror when confronted with last night’s maddening fixture schedule.

Fortunately, most of the Kickette staff were able to make it into the top secret work avoidance bunker (the toilets) before our dear editor could assign the round up, so we are relieved pleased to be able to bring the you highlights via a special photo post.

We trust that the time honoured technique of including a photo of Yoann Gourcuff in said post will distract you sufficiently to allow us to get away with it.


Boujis Boys: Carlton Cole & Ashley Cole


Two of England’s better-known Coles, Ashley of Chelsea FC and Carlton hailing from West Ham, left popular London haunt Boujis in the closing hours of Sunday. Our drive-by fashion sentencing says A. Cole wins this weekend warrior style-off by a small, appropriately-affixed button.