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England NT Selections: Kevin Davies Gets The Call Up


Experience over youth? Kevin Davies (l) and Andy Carroll. (Getty Images & AP Photo/Daylife)

With all the retirements, involuntary retirements, captain-related shenanigans and performances ranging in quality from awesome to asshat, we’re certain that Fabio Capello is as nervous as we are when it comes to announcing the England squad.

Never one to disappoint, Fabs has decided to throw the hacks a bone. Rather than obsessing over the above perennial probs, this time the footie journos can slaver over the inclusion of Bolton Wanderers striker Kevin Davies over Newcastle United’s Andy Carroll.

Although a decent enough goal scorer for his club, at thirty-three Davies is hardly a long-term prospect. Carroll meanwhile, has been on an great run of form since Newcastle returned to the EPL and has been tipped to be an England regular in the future. He is also very hot.

What do you think, Kickettes? Experience over pretty? Has Fabio fouled up again, or do you think Davies is exactly the type of um… no-nonsense goal scorer the England NT need while Wayne Rooney is misfiring?

Let us know what you think about the selects.

The entire England NT squad for the Euro 2012 qualifier against Montenegro on Tuesday can be found here.

Michael Ballack & Rio Ferdinand: Captain Conundrums


You want the armband, short stuff? Come n’ geddit… Michael Ballack & Philipp Lahm consider their options. Images: Reuters, AP Photo via Daylife

As aficionados of unspoken conflict and passive aggressive posturing (the unfortunate aftermath of several Kickette team building weekends and designer outlet scrambles) we are watching with interest as the unresolved captaincy situations in the German and English NT’s gently but inexorably escalate.

Prior to the World Cup you may recall that both Michael Ballack and Rio Ferdinand suffered injuries that prevented them from captaining their sides in the tournament. While they recuperated, Philipp Lahm and Steven Gerrard took on the armbands and while England didn’t exactly flourish in South Africa, their recent form in the Euro 2012 qualifiers has cemented Gerrard’s reputation as a leader on the field.


Midweek Results: Good For You?


Things had got so bad in the French NT dressing room, Florent Malouda was prepared to sacrifice almost anything for the all important win. Image: Getty Images, Reuters via Daylife

All this international friendly/European qualifier shenanigans is playing merry hell with our sanity, Kickettes. To be quite honest we haven’t got a clue who’s playing who, for what reason and when this will all go away and we can return to our happy little world of short tents, toned torsos and the occasional league match, which we can peacefully enjoy with a large margarita and a bucket of nachos.

It’s all a little too much like work, y’know.


Weekend Results: Good For You?


Hands up who ordered two sweaty Spanish boys? Images: Reuters, Getty Images via Daylife

It’s Euro 2012 qualifiers, Kickettes! Admittedly we were taken a touch by surprise; the office diary ‘system’ having only just caught up the start of the new domestic season, but we’ve had our morning caffeine hit (or ten) and are feeling just about excitable enough to run through the results before we crash. Gah!


Hot & Cold: David Beckham & Fabio Capello


David Beckham smooches his bubba Cruz. We. Are. Dying. Image: AP Photo via Daylife

What is it with Fabio Capello and David Beckham?

Having changed Capello’s mind after being dropped from the Real Madrid squad back in 2007, we weren’t hugely surprised to learn that Beckham has managed to convince Fabs to back away from his statement that the player was ‘too old’ to be turning out for England any more.

Capello has apparently re-opened the door once again (after ending Beckham’s career via the media without actually mentioning it to the player himself), stating at the weekend that he and Beck’s ‘will have a chat’ once the Achilles injury is resolved.

As ‘are they/aren’t they’ love affairs go, this one is decidedly more interesting than some others we could mention. But in case anyone is unclear,  it should be noted that we love David (beard and all) and hereby undertake never to close any doors on him. Promise.

A full list of the England squad for the Euro 2012 qualifiers against Bulgaria and Switzerland is here.