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Tennis Fans: Brooklyn And David Beckham At Wimbledon


Can you spot the sexy/insanely-wealthy man in this photo? Homegirl behind him with the telephoto lens better come through with the HQ goods, is all we’re saying. Image copyright Wimbledon via their Official Facebook page.

Sorting Out The England Squad: We’ve Sussed It


Steven Gerrard tries to persuade Jermain Defoe that there is not a ‘big, scary monster’ in the penalty area. Images: Getty Images, AP Photo & Reuters via Daylife & Photo Agency via Zimbio.

Recently, we notified you of an ongoing problem in our office – that of the photo interloper. To summarise, an individual and/or item that ruins an otherwise perfectly wonderful shot and therefore our day.

As regular readers will have realised, knowing when to leave something alone is not one of our strong points, so we have expanded this idea to incorporate possible items/things/people that we feel may have slightly disrupted England’s World Cup campaign and should therefore be immediately and arbitrarily removed from the space time continuum to ensure future success.

Our logic? We feel this is a far more appropriate response to the whole crazymaking situation than our first instinct. Which was to pack up and open a cookie store.


Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Wayne And Kai Rooney


Wayne, Coleen and Kai Rooney have arrived in Barbados for their holidays. Before you ask, we have yet to get confirmation that Kai is completely made of stuffing and gravy. We will say this: if that lovely boy doesn’t stop flaunting those little “baby grapes” toes to the camera we’re going to bust an ovary.

Style-Off: England Boys’ Back-To-Reality Looks


Post World Cup non-glory, some of our favourite English lads have headed off to spend time with their significant others. What else do we have now but to judge their apparel?

In London, Frank Lampard left his Chelsea flat (with g/f Christine Bleakley);

In Southport, Captain Steven Gerrard had lunch at Bistro Verite with his two daughters and wife Alex (she wore clogs. Soz. Had to mention); and

In France, David Beckham headed to Bargemon to be with Victoria and their three boys.

Which of the back-to-reality boys gets your vote for the best style-whilst-sad look? We think they all look rather good, but it’s hard to out-do Becks when it comes to casual cute.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet



- Soon to be exes, Pato and Sthefany, narrowly escaped a mucho awkward run-in with one another in Brazil this weekend. Sthef was there for modeling work while Pato was chillin’ for pleasure.

- Seeing Victoria Beckham’s extensions from all sides did not help her head’s cause.

- Does the cover of the New York Post mean “soccer” has finally arrived? If telly ratings are anything to go by, then yes.

- First, Alex Gerrard pops up in so much celeb-mimic styleys, then Posh and her thigh-highs with dresses look. Now Cheryl’s repeating shoes. Are the WAGs running out of things to wear?  (Ed. Note: FYI, we won’t consider Cheryl as an ex-WAG until the divorce is final)

- Leo Messi turned 23 on last Thursday but had to wait until after Argentina’s win over Mexico before celebrating with his family and girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo. Miss R, who is a 22-year-old nutrition student by day, has been seen browsing South African flea markets while staying with Messi’s family in Pretoria.