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Heart-Breakers: England & USA Out Of The World Cup


Image via Reuters, AP Photo.

Oh, Kickettes, free nail varnish for a year wouldn’t remotely help us overcome the agony of defeat shared by both sides of the pond.

Michael Bradley, Carlos Bocanegra, Landon Donovan, Robbie Findley, Jozy Altidore, Maurice A World Cup without England is like a bowl of ice cream without a spoon – we just can’t bear to be near it without taking part in the action. Simply gutted. We don’t even have the heart to blame whatsherface.

And as we said yesterday, seeing a broken hearted Benny tugged at our heart strings which are normally be reserved for WAG weddings and baby ‘baller births.

Kudos to Ghana and Germany for their hard-fought wins and advancement in the tournament!

Fabio Capello: Emotions Well In Check


YouTube Preview Image

As you can see by the above video (from the game against Slovenia), England’s NT manager Fabio Capello is maintaining the calm, cool and collected demeanour we’ve all come to expect from him.

Meep. But also kind of fantastic, no? Goodness, this man is amped.

Family Day: Joe, Carly And Ruby Cole Take A Walk


England’s Joe Cole goes for a walk in Sun City with his wife Carly and their daughter, Ruby. We want to high five Carly for bringing some good luck to South Africa and representing for the A-list WAGs out there. We will not be celebrating her choice of denim, however.

Landon Donovan: Next Round, Please


Don’t worry about Landon’s game face, he’s working on it.

If you are reading this post without the aid of an IV or hired help, we are impressed. First a gripping England v Slovenia game, and at the same time (so cruel, schedulers) watching a last-minute goal by Landon Donovan against Algeria to take the USA through to the next round of 16?

Kickette HQ is concerned there won’t be enough Jaffa Cakes to manage the stress eating.

Deep breaths, and deep glasses of champagne to all our England and American readers! What did you think of the way the games played out?

Rio Ferdinand: England’s Best Shirtless Supporter


If you’re going to support your English homeboys, there’s no better way to do it than half-naked with face-paint (and with cheesecake, but sadly we don’t see any of that here).

We know, it’s not as if any of us needed reminding exactly what Mr. Ferdinand’s pecs are packing. But damn, it we’ll take it.

PS: did you notice we’ve got the pic in HQ? Because we totally do. A huge thanks to Rio and his abdominal support staff for sending our way. This is a man that keeps his word, Kickettes.