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International Results: One Eye On The Future


At this point it’s safe to say that Gareth had no idea how bad things were going to get. Image: Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images Europe.

If only we could see into the future, Kickettes.

Not only might the terrifying vision of what we’re going to look like in ten years if we carry on living like this scare us into the odd early night, but we could totally figure out where we’re going to leave our shoes at the weekend.


England NT: Bending, Stretching, Showing


qualifier against Ukraine Tuesday steven gerrard shirtless abs six pack washboard

Image: Press Association.

Come on, you abs! Er, players.

After hearing the news that Theo Walcott, John Terry and Ashley Cole won’t be featuring tonight against Ukraine, we’ll be wearing black for the rest of the day.

Joey Barton: Hero, Villain, Thinker, Thug & Now British GQ Style Cover Boy


Image: GQ-magazine.co.uk.

International Results: Celebrate Good Times. Come On!


Frank Lampard scored two while Steven Gerrard was on the pitch on Friday night. According to most pundits, this was a physical impossibility a couple of years ago. No wonder he looks confused. Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe.

How did you celebrate the international break? Jumpy claps? Piggy back racing? Provocative hair mussing? Or just simply perving at any hint of manflesh that may or may not have manifested itself?

We had a crack at all of them. With varying degrees of success, it must be said.


Courtney Meppen-Walter: Driving School Success Story?


Image: Rochdale Driving School. H/T Popbitch.

On Rochdale Driving School’s website, a few of its brightest students – along with their achievements – are showcased as a testament to its “great value driving lessons”. If you scroll to the fifth satisfied customer down, you might even recognise Manchester City’s Courtney Meppen-Walter standing in front one of the Vauxhall Corsas the school has in its fleet. He, like others, is commended for passing his driving test on his first try.

Mr Meppen-Walter was arrested by police on Saturday night for suspicion of causing death via dangerous driving.

For the sake of the loved ones who tragically passed, Rochdale may want to reconsider striking Courtney from their “top quality tuition for just £15 per hour” hall of fame. Just a thought.